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  • Inspired by our Black youth

    We the Afrikan/Black people born/living in America are issuing the call to 



    America has a black president and tons of rich black entertainers, sports figures, and businessmen/women. It has a large black middle-class. Black America makes more money than any country in Africa – even more than Nigeria with its oil or South Africa with its diamonds and gold.


    The systematic oppression of Black people in America is deeply embedded in the fabric of US society.

    25 percent of the black population lives below the poverty line

    • No justice received for George Stinney (falsely accused and executed 14yr old black boy by the USA)

    • No justice received for Assata Shakur (falsely accused, imprisoned, now hunted by the USA)

    • No justice received for Trayvon Martin (murdered by a racist wanna-be-cop)

    • No justice received for Mumia Abu Jamal (false imprisonment by the USA)

    • No justice received for Amadou Diallo (brutally tortured by police)

    • No justice received for Troy Davis (murdered by the USA)

    • No justice received for Oscar Grant (murdered by police)

    • No justice received for Sean Bell (murdered by police)

    • No justice received for (your name here)

    • No justice received.. again and again


    The Black fact is

    • Black people are twice more likely to be out of work than whites

    • Black people have four cents for every dollar a white person has

    • Black people are six times more likely to be in prison than a white.

    • Black people are murdered by police or extrajudicial persons every 36 hours

    • Black people are one million deep in a prison population of 2million

    • Black people were left to save themselves or drown in 2006 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans

    • Black people are spending over a $trillion dollars in the American economy.

    “Negroes who have been so long inconvenienced and denied opportunities for development are naturally afraid of anything that sounds like discrimination.”

    Carter G. Woodson

    “Slavery has never been abolished from America’s way of thinking.”

    Nina Simone

    • We are asking that you spend no money on the day known as Black Friday

    • we will no longer march in the streets for justice, receive none, then spend a $Trillion which pays the cops that profile and kill us, pays the judges and politicians that do not value or respect us

    • we will circulate our money back into our communities and empower ourselves

    • we will value and respect ourselves

    • we must flex our economic leverage and let the system of governance know that we are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired

    Please spread the word

    A multi-organization National campaign

    Feel free to add your organization to the list as you forward it to your constituency

    NCOBRA/Atlanta chapter (National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America)

    UNIA-ACL Division 421-Atl (United Negro Improvement Association)

    PG-RNA/MOY,MTI (Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika)

    AAPRP (All Afrikan People Revolutionary Party)

    MXGRM (Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement)

    WADU (World Afrika Diaspora Union)

    SHI (Sovereign Haiti Initiative)

    FOTC (Friends of The Congo)

Inspired by our Black youth We the… – Baba Mwalimu Baruti.


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