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Santa is out on bail. Lawrence Doris, 78, tried to hide his face from reporters as he left Gatineau, Quebec, court Thursday afternoon.

The former mall Santa at Les Promenades de l’Outaouais faces sex-abuse charges involving five victims between the ages of nine and 15 between. The sexual crimes occurred between November 2012 and August 2013, according to law enforcement officials.

One of the charges involves a claim a child was inappropriately touched while sitting in pedophile Santa’s chair at the mall. But investigators say the child knew Doris and knew he wasn’t Santa Claus.

“The charges aren’t related to his Santa Claus role,” Sgt. JP LeMay said. He said all of the victims know the fat pedophile, but he wouldn’t say how or in what capacity.

Investigators discovered Doris worked for an agency that hires and places Santa Claus performers in malls and events. That agency contacted the cops for a criminal background check prior to hiring Doris. ”It came back clean,” LeMay said. Doris wasn’t hired to be the Santa at Les Promenades l’Outaouais this year.

Canadian Santa Claus Faces Child Sex Abuses | Cynical Afrikan.


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