“selfish” | The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide by Neely Fuller Jr.


selfish (page 352)

Avoid using this word.  Instead use the terms “incorrect,” “incorrect speech,” incorrect action,” “unjust speech” and / or “unjust action.”  When others use the word “selfish” ask them to explain, in detail, exactly what they mean – and do not mean.

Questions:  Are all people “selfish”?  Is not “selfishness” only a matter of degree or comparison?  Could it be true that everybody is ”selfish”?  Could it be said that every person should be “selfish” by being at least half for “self” and at least half for “others”?  If a person is half for “self” and half for “others” does that mean that he or she is not only all for “self” but also, all for “others”?  If so, all “for” how many others?  When?  Where?  In what ways?  What does it mean to be selfish?  Is it “selfish” to want to produce offspring?  Is it “selfish” not to want to produce offspring?  Is it “selfish” to help yourself as much as you help others?  How can one “prove” to oneself and to others that one is “not selfish”?

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