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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Robert Greenfield IV and the University of Michigan’s Black Student Union. Mr. Greenfield is the treasurer for the BSU – which has been actively combating Racism (White Supremacy) on the Ann Arbor campus. They began a social media project titled: Being Black at the University of Michigan (#BBUM); they encouraged black students to share their experiences – positive and negative – as a part of the maze and blue student body. A catalyst for this venture was a “ratchet” themed party by the University’s Theta Xi chapter – a predominantly White fraternity. Black Student Union members were also motivated by the plummeting enrollment of black students; the 2006 Michigan Civil Rights Initiative was a key legal component to the drop in black students. We’ll hear about their list of demands (#7demands) and their call for “physical action” if President Mary Sue Coleman and the White University faculty fail to comply.

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