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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Dr. Tobin Miller Shearer. Dr. Shearer is a White man and the Director of the African-American Studies Program and an Associate Professor of History at the University of Montana. His areas of research include religious history, the civil rights movement, “interracial congregations,” and the Fresh Air rural housing programs. He has twenty years experience as an “anti-racism” consultant and workshop facilitator. We’ll discuss his 1994 publication, Enter The River: Healing Steps From White Privilege To Racial Reconciliation. Dr. Shearer provides the usual details about how privileged he and other Whites are to have band aids that match their melanin deficient skin. All the goodies of being White, but not one iota of detail on what he and other White people do to practice Racism. We’ll also look forward to hearing details on the special White people who welcomed black children to their homes to escape the perils and dangers of the RACIST-created ghettos.


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