MOVE – The Revolution 2004 Docuentary – YouTube

A Male Cult Member of MOVE

A great documentary on the Move Organization and the repression they suffered from the racist and brutal policies of the Philidelphia police department and the US justice system.
MOVE is a revolutionary organisation set up in USA that fights to protect all life by spreading information and standing against the systems that harm life.
They were strident anti-racism and environmental campaigners long before the mainstream took up the issues. In their on words: “The word MOVE is not an acronym. It means exactly what it says: MOVE, work, generate, be active. Everything that’s alive moves. If it didn’t, it would be stagnant, dead. Movement is the principle of Life.”
Because of their unequivocal stance they have been constantly persecuted by the system. The persecution went from beatings, to armed attacks to eventually bombing their homes.

MOVE – The Revolution 2004 Docuentary – YouTube.

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