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In 2013, New York City police killed:


1. Peter Jourdan, 37

date: January 3rd 2013
place: Fort Hamilton Parkway Station, Brooklyn
weapon: gun
crime: moving between subway cars
risk factors: paranoid schizophrenia

Three plainclothes officers said they showed their badges and asked for ID before Jourdan started shooting.


2. Ryo Oyamada, 24

date: February 21st 2013
place: Queensbridge, Queens
weapon: none
crime: none
risk factors: pedestrian

Hit by a police car. Police lied, saying they put on their  flashing lights before they hit him.


3. Kimani Gray, 16

date: March 9th 2013
place: East Flatbush, Brooklyn
weapon: none
crime: none
risk factors: stop and frisk

Police say he pulled a gun on them. Eyewitnesses say Gray had nothing in his hands. Protests and riots followed.


4. Jackson Alexandre, 28

date: March 23th 2013
place: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
weapon: knife
crime: stabbed roommate
risk factors: madman

Came at police with a knife.


5. Thomas Robinson, 50

date: June 19th 2013
place: East New York, Brooklyn
weapon: gun
crime: armed robbery
risk factors: shooting at police


6.  Jose Muniz, 52

date: June 20th 2013
place: Norwood, Bronx
weapon: none
crime: drug deal
risk factors: police custody

Police saw him put a baggie of cocaine in his mouth. While trying to arrest him, wrestling and using pepper spray, he fell to the ground and started choking. They got him to a hospital but he died soon after.


7. Felix Coss, 61

date: July 6th 2013
place: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
weapon: none
crime: none
risk factors: pedestrian

Hit by a police van.


8. Deion Fludd, 17

date: July 12th 2013
place: Ralph Avenue Station, Brooklyn
weapon: none
crime: fare jumping ($2.50)
risk factors: running from police

Police broke his skull and his spine in two places, paralyzing him. He died of his injuries months later.


9. Kyam Livingston, 37

date: July 21st 2013
place: Ditmas Park, Brooklyn
weapon: none
crime: breaking an order of protection
risk factors: police custody, alcoholism

In jail she was in pain for up to seven hours before police took her to the hospital. She was dead on arrival of an alcoholic seizure.


10. Shaaliver Douse, 14

date: August 4th 2013
place: Melrose, Bronx
weapon: gun
crime: shooting
risk factors: pointing gun at police


11. Eric Zaman, 33

date: August 14th 2013
place: Cypress Hills, Brooklyn
weapon: none
crime: speeding
risk factors: –

Died in an accident after the pursuing police car hit his motorcycle.


12. Carlos Alcis, 43

date: August 15th 2013
place: Brownsville, Brooklyn
weapon: none
crime: none
risk factors: weak heart

Died of a heart attack after police raided his home by mistake looking for a mobile phone thief.


13. Barrington Williams, 25

date: September 17th 2013
place: East 161st Street Station, Bronx
weapon: none
crime: selling subway MetroCard swipes
risk factors: asthma, running from police

Died of asthma after being chased by police.


14. Unidentified man, 26

date: October 31st 2013
place: Castle Hill Houses, Bronx
weapon: gun
crime: shooting
risk factors: shooting at police


15. Rexford Dasrath, 22

date: November 18th 2013
place: Bushwick, Brooklyn
weapon: 7-inch steak knife
crime: threatened murder
risk factors: learning disability

Came at police with a knife.


16. James Torres, 44

date: December 26th 2013
place: Morris Heights, Bronx
weapon: gun
crime: armed robbery ($80 + iPhone)
risk factors: 

Torres did not pull his gun on police. They shot him dead anyway.

Also: Four off-duty killings.

Source: October 22nd Coalition (2014), Google searches (2014).

Killed by the NYPD in 2013 | Abagond.

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