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12 years a slave

While we spend MILLIONS of black dollars on Hollywood movies, like The Butler, The Help, 12 Years a Slave, Django Unchained, Red Tails, the Equalizer, and now Selma — where black degradation and passive resistance to white oppression are celebrated and ENCOURAGED…

do not fall for the white supremacist hype

Selma movie

do not fall for the white supremacist hype

Most of us have NEVER stopped and asked ourselves three critical questions:

1.  Why are we trusting white supremacist Hollywood to teach us AND our children about our own HISTORY? The same history the same people LIE ABOUT in our history books?

2. Would the white people who control Hollywood allow black filmmakers to make movies about white OR Jewish History?  (I think we all know the answer to that question).

3.  What is the REAL message behind these REVISIONIST films?

the helpHollywood is the land of white supremacy

Most “black films” produced by Hollywood fall into three categories:

1.  Black people serving, sexing, saving, and sacrificing their lives for white people (never other black people) like the VAST majority of Denzel and Morgan Freeman movies. This includes fighting overseas for “freedom and justice” and receiving none when returning home.

aka black mammy men


 2.  Black people harming other black people (the VAST majority of the few Hollywood movies that actually show black males and females sexually involved)

for colored girlsdo not fall for the white supremacist hype

3.  Black BUFFOONERY, especially on the part of black males wearing wigs and dresses, playing the sidekicks of white males, or made up to look like white females.


do not fall for the white supremacist lies

I believe black people during segregation would have seen the problem with at least some of these movies, especially the ones with black degradation as the THEME, but most of the black people I encounter — and I can only speak from MY experiences — don’t seem to care EVEN when the racism/black degradation angle is pointed out to them.

The reactions I get when I mention these problems is largely dismissive. NOR do they seem to care that in nearly EVERY black movie produced by Hollywood within the last three years

FOREIGN BORN BLACKS are playing the lead roles while the vast majority of American-born black actors and actresses remain UNEMPLOYED.

This is NOT about blaming foreign born blacks for the RACISM being practiced against american-born black actors and actresses. Foreign-born blacks have no more control than the man on the moon over WHO gets a role in a movie and who doesn’t.

Anymore than the black producers and directors control the movies that bear their names. The white people who control Hollywood also control THEM — as I detailed in an earlier post:

Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?”

However, all blacks inside AND outside the movie industry should be asking ourselves:

What is the REAL MESSAGE behind the trend of slavery and segregation movies? And HOW is it connected to the RISING UNEMPLOYMENT RATE among blacks and the INCREASE in police brutality/murder against black victims who were born here, most of who descended from slaves?

Is OUR REAL FUTURE in an evolving white supremacy system being presented AS fictional and “historical” entertainment on the silver screen?

Keep in mind that in 1865, the 13th Amendment was adopted to the United States Constitution officially abolishing slavery…

except as punishment for a crime.

which means that blacks who are incarcerated have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS — except those that the system CHOOSES to give them — and that they are RIPE for economic exploitation at 90 CENTS AN HOUR — the same way AFRICAN SLAVES were economically exploited in exchange for food and shelter.


The articles below seem to indicate —  similar to the THEME of most “black” movies today — that somebody or something is certainly GUNNING FOR OUR “BLACK TAILS” to be BACK in the old-fashioned-style of SLAVERY.

1.  Texas Is Throwing People In Jail For Failing To Pay Back Predatory Loans


(Black people represent a disproportionate number of PayDay borrowers).

2.  Fair Or Foul??? Tennessee Passes Law Imprisoning Women Up To 15 Years For Doing Drugs While Pregnant

When you read the comments on this article from other black people it seems as though they believe this law has absolutely, positively NOTHING to do with them. It’s as thought we are literally black bodies with a white chip in our brain computers…

The Hollywood propaganda machine which works overtime to completely bamboozle and ramp up anti-blackness among the black collective should pat themselves on the back for a JOB WELL DONE.

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