One thought on “▶ NYPD Cops Pull Man Out of Car for Parallel Parking – YouTube”

  1. This is appalling, to say the least. I can’t believe that our taxes are going into the pockets of these armed bullies. It shocks me to see three policemen on top of a man who, to an outsider looking in, has done nothing wrong. And why did a huge swarm of policemen appear towards the middle of the footage? I thought this was a simple arrest? Was a large mass of policemen really necessary for such a minor event? Are they afraid of the ‘crowd’ of some 7+ people? Last time I checked, THEY were the ones with the guns, tasers and body armor. Whatever, we need more coverage on this particular issue before I say anything else. But if the title of the article is to be believed, then we really need to reevaluate the police system.

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