spiritual vampiresThe purpose of this site is to counter the global system of white supremacy / race-ism* by sharing information with other Victims of White Supremacy (VOWS; non-white people) that promotes Afrikan-centered thought, speech, and action that reveals truth, promotes justice and promotes correctness. This site also attempts to expose the violent and deceitful nature of europeans / whites / anti-afrikans.

Whites are waging physical, mental, and spiritual war against ALL non-white people, especially Afrikans, every moment of every day.  We non-white people (huemans) are prisoners of war (POWs) and we should do everything in our power to liberate ourselves by replacing the global system of white supremacy (“race”-ism) with a global system of justice**.

*white supremacy / race-ism: universal system created and maintained by beings who classify themselves as white people and are devoted to dominating and mistreating all non-white people (hue-mans) whom they classify as not white.

** justice: no hue-man gets mistreated and the hue-mans who need the most help get the most help.

“reAfrikanization + Dewhitenization = Total Afrikan Liberation”

~Dr. Kamau Kambon~


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