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18-Year-Old Alan Blueford, black male, executed by Oakland cops

A Skyline High School senior is dead after Oakland police profiled and opened fire on him.

The summary execution of 18-year-old Alan Dwayne Blueford happened near 90th Avenue and Birch Street in Oakland early Sunday morning. Mr. Blueford and two friends were standing outside waiting for some young lady friends to come pick them up. According to Oakland police, two of their cops “believed one of them were carrying a hidden gun.” It is unclear how this was determined based on their looks, nor is it clear why that would matter in a country which prides itself on gun ownership rights.

Police say the young men ran (obviously fearing for their lives in the face of paid, constitutionally-protected killers) when they approached them. One of the cops, whose names are being protected by the city of Oakland, ran after Mr. Blueford for two blocks before recklessly firing a gun at the young man, killing him instantly. The cop struck Mr. Blueford three times and shot himself in the foot once. Of course, the killer was rewarded with a paid vacation (aka “paid administrative leave”), despite the long-standing U.S. Supreme Court decision in Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985), which specifically outlaws police shooting at fleeing suspects without probable cause.

Watch a report about the execution by ABC-7 in San Francisco.

Following standard protocol, state-run media outlets have reported extensively about a so-called “criminal record” of Mr. Blueford, which is their way of justifying and encouraging summary executions by police. An attorney for Oakland Police, Harry Stern, said the summary execution was “100 percent” justified and in line with police policy. Though there is no way of knowing the truth regarding this execution, if what police say is true, Mr. Blueford should have used the alleged firearm to protect himself from the state organization members who know the policy of paid vacations when they murder Americans. The entire situation should have and could have been avoided had the cops not profiled these young men by approaching them for absolutely no reason except for harassment.

The family of Mr. Blueford has hired an attorney for a possible civil suit, however the killer will not be charged and should be back on the streets after his foot heals from the self-inflicted, reckless gunshot wound. Mr. Blueford was scheduled to graduate in June.

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unarmed black people murdered by killer cops

Trayvon Martin’s death has not only sparked a national debate over racial profiling and prompted a federal investigation, it has also made many recall other fatal shootings of unarmed civilians. In less than two months since Martin died, reckless police behavior has been cited in the deaths of two other people. In some instances, law-enforcement officials have acted unlawfully themselves—and not in self-defense. On Wednesday, five New Orleans police officers were sent to prison following the deaths of two unarmed civilians and a subsequent coverup. Will the crackdown set a new precedent for rogue cops? From the post-Katrina victims to Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell, see the cases of other unarmed civilians who were shot dead by police.

Kendrec McDade

Less than a month after the death of Trayvon Martin, another unarmed black teen was shot dead, this time in Pasadena, Calif. Kendrec McDade, 19, was shot and killed on March 24, after the Pasadena Police Department received a 911 call about an armed robbery. Investigators later determined the caller had lied about McDade’s possession of a gun, and that the teen had allegedly acted as a “lookout” during a burglary at a restaurant. When police caught up with McDade and his juvenile accomplice, an officer reportedly shot McDade several times after he allegedly made a motion at his waistband. His family has since filed a federal wrongful-death lawsuit citing racial profiling.

Rekia Boyd

Last week, some 200 people protested outside the home of a Chicago police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman on March 21 while he was off duty. Chicago Police have admitted that the victim, Rekia Boyd, 22, was an innocent bystander. She was struck in the head by a bullet after an officer opened fire at a man who police say was approaching him with a gun in his hand. While police maintain 39-year-old Antonio Cross was indeed armed, Cross and his family insist he was only carrying a cellphone. No weapon was recovered from the scene. The shooting that killed Boyd is being investigated by Chicago’s independent police review authority.

Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.

Last November, Marine veteran Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. was killed at his home in White Plains, N.Y., by police who were initially responding to a call for medical help. Chamberlain, 68, suffered from a chronic heart condition and wore a pendant that could signal for help in case of a medical emergency. Having accidentally set off the pendant in his sleep, he was surprised when an armed police squad showed up outside his apartment early in the morning and reportedly demanded to be let in, despite his assurance that he was OK. Chamberlain grew increasingly agitated as cops allegedly swarmed his home and the clash resulted in him being shot twice in the chest. As in the case of Trayvon Martin, the incident was apparently sheltered from the media and authorities initially resisted a grand-jury probe. But as reports about the incident have become widely circulated, and at least one officer has reportedly been recorded on tape taunting Chamberlain and using racial slurs just before they broke down his door. More than four months later, a grand jury is hearing evidence regarding the incident.

Ronald Madison

Ronald Madison, a 40-year-old mentally disabled man who lived at home with his mother, was shot by New Orleans police officers near the now-infamous Danziger Bridge, six days after Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans. Ronald’s brother, Lance, said they were walking across the bridge when a group of teens came up behind them and began shooting. The police showed up and began firing at people on the bridge. Madison was hit in the back and reportedly stomped on while dying by former Sgt. Kenneth Bowen, who was sentenced to 40 years in prison Wednesday.

James Brissette

Along with Ronald Madison, James Brissette was a victim of the Danziger Bridge shooting for which five NOPD officers were sentenced to prison on Wednesday. (Aside from Madison and Brissette, four others were gravely wounded in the gunfire.) Speaking in court, Brissette’s mother mentioned that he was only 17 when he died and that “he never knew what hit him.”

Oscar Grant

Oscar Grant was in a BART transit station in San Francisco on Jan. 1, 2009, when he was shot in the back while laying face down. Dozens of witnesses said they saw the shooting, which was filmed on several cellphones. Johannes Mehserle, the BART officer who shot Grant, said it looked like Grant was going for a gun. Grant was unarmed. The district attorney filed murder charges, but Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served 11 months for the crime. Grant’s family filed a $25 million civil suit against six BART police officers who were present during the shooting.

Amadou Diallo

Hit by 19 bullets, Amadou Diallo died in the doorway of his apartment building in New York City on Feb. 5, 1999. Diallo was a 22-year-old West African immigrant whose death became a symbol of police brutality. Four plain-clothes police officers approached Diallo at his apartment because they thought he might be the suspect in a rape case. When Diallo reached for his wallet, the officers said they thought he was reaching for a gun and fired 41 shots at the unarmed street peddler. The officers were acquitted of second-degree murder charges.

Sean Bell

The morning before his wedding, Sean Bell died in a hail of bullets in Queens, New York. Bell was out with friends for his bachelor party, and police suspected one of them had a gun. Bell and his buddies were driving out of a parking lot, when Detective Gescard F. Isnora reportedly ordered them to stop. Bell instead accelerated and crashed into a police minivan. Isnora thought he saw one of Bell’s friends reach for a gun and the team opened fire, blasting 50 bullets at the car. Bell was killed, while his two friends survived. Isnora and two other detectives were acquitted in a criminal trial in 2008, although Isnora was kicked off the force in March 2012.



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another unarmed black male teen murdered by cops

Kendrec Mcdade

Many are already calling him another Trayvon Martin. His name is Kendrec McDade, shot and killed by police in Pasadena, California on March 24 almost one month after Trayvon in Sanford, Florida.

19-year-old McDade was unarmed when police reportedly fatally shot him after receiving a call about an armed robbery in progress. Later police learned that the 911 caller had lied about the teen having a gun.

This shooting death has escalated the tension in Northwest Pasadena where African-American residents reportedly say they were repeatedly treated unfairly by the police.

According to The Daily Beast , police say this case doesn’t compare to Trayvon Martin for McDade was allegedly acting as a look-out while his accomplice attempted to break into a cash register at a local restaurant. Lt. Phlunte Riddle of the Pasadena police department reportedly said race was not a factor in the killing but a, ” response to an armed robbery that had just occurred with a full description.” He added that his officers felt their lives were in danger and were “highly upset” by the incident.

The 911 caller who lied about the gun was 26 year old Oscar Carillo who alleged told police that two Black men had stolen his backpack and computer from his car at gunpoint. He also told police he was following the men and that the two had split up–one running West on Orange Grove Boulevard and the other going North on Raymond Avenue.

Police reportedly caught up with McDade in an alley and opened fired on the teen for they thought he was reaching for a gun in his waistband. The 19 year old who had no gun, was allegeldy shot multiple times and later died at a local hospital.

Kendrec McDade was a college student and football star with no police record or gang affiliation. Those who knew him say he was a good kid “the apple of his mother’s eye.” The other teen, 17 year old was arrested and charged for robbery. Police say they cash register attempted robbery happened before the backpack, computer alleged heist.

Carillo, the caller who lied because he said he thought the police would “respond faster,” was also arrested and jailed on “suspicion of manslaughter,” and he is reportedly being held on $25,000 bail. No one is sure if charges were actually filed. Carillo was arrested after community activists protested and pushed hard on the authorites to arrest him for filing a false police report.

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Ed Forchion: Black people not taught about Jury Nullification

 Ed Forchion aka NJ Weedman talks to Black Talk Radio about black people infiltrating the jury box to vote not guilty on laws they think are wrong and do not agree with but how many of those people who don’t like the system can fight the system through the jury box.


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black residents offended by home owners association email warning: “If you see any group of young black males in the neighborhood after school, chances are they are up to no good and should be reported as suspicious persons”

Residents offended by home owners association email warning of 'young black males'

A Neighborhood Watch sign stands outside the gated The Retreat at Twin Lakes community where Trayvon Martin was shot by George Michael Zimmerman while on Neighborhood Watch patrol March 20, 2012 in Sanford, Florida.

A home owners association (HOA) in Walnutbend Texas sent an email to its members asking them to report “any group of young black males” to authorities. The email was motivated by an assault at a local convenient store that occurred Monday night.

The email described in Mondays attack as being black, and went on to request of its members that, “If you see any group of young black males in the neighborhood after school, chances are they are up to no good and should be reported as suspicious persons to the Constables.”

Samantha Howell, a resident in the neighborhood who has four sons that walk to school, is concerned that her sons will be profiled and have the police called on them for simply trying to make it to school. “That’s very disturbing,” Howell said, “because they’re not doing anything. They were just walking home from school.”

Other residents in the neighborhood didn’t seem to mind the tone of the email stating that, if a crime has been committed in the neighborhood, residents should do whatever they can to limit other assaults.

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