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Author: Edward Williams

Counter-Racist Movie Review – A Beautiful Mind

This is a very interesting movie about a white male, John Forbes Nash Jr, that is depicted as a mathematical genius. This movie is also based in part on the novel, A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar. It is a story about his college life, life after college, where he met his wife to be, and his elder years when he received the Nobel Prize.

The movie basically depicts John Nash as a person that walks around talking to himself and thinking mathematical equations all the time. He was almost thrown out of college but was able to maintain his tenure because of an idea he supposedly came up with…Governing Dynamics. This idea of “Governing Dynamics” was in contrast to Adam Smith, supposedly some “great” economist and philosopher, who stated “the best result comes form everyone in the group doing what is best for himself”.this is the age old “each man for himself” mentality. John Nash’s idea of “Governing Dynamics” states “the best result comes from everyone in the group doing what is best for himself and the group”. This is the ‘each man for himself and the team” mentality. This is basically how the movie lays it out.

The information we receive as white people and non-white people, under the system of white supremacy (racism), programs our thinking. This information in the form of movies, newspapers, television, books, even in conversations with people, etc., enforces how we think, speak and act as individuals. Take a moment to think about all of the movies you’ve ever seen where the person wearing white always defeats the person wearing something other than white…white people conquering “black magic”, meaning anything non-white people are capable of doing, white people conquering aliens (which are non-white) as in Star Trek, Leave it to Beaver, The Munsters, who thinks their niece Marylin is abnormal and who is played by a white person, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter who is a little white boy conquering actions only attributed to non-white people (black magic), which means in essence conquering non-white people. And the list goes on to infinitum.

These avenues of communication, newspapers, magazines, television, etc. all have messages in them for white people and message in them for non-white people that help to maintain and refine the system of white supremacy (racism). While studying racism (white supremacy), through counter-racist codification, it becomes clear that all of these avenues of communication that help to maintain, expand and, refine the system of white supremacy (racism), all use the same tools to produce the product of injustice…words. How does one combat such a system that uses words to deceive people? It is done by using words to reveal truth and using truth to promote justice and correctness in all places and at all times. This is the only way to peace on the panet for all people.

This movie is interesting in this regard. The reason being, the idea “Governing Dynamics” as applied to the system of white supremacy (racism), helps to refine the system by relaying the message to white people that the best result for maintaining, expanding, and refining the system of white supremacy (racism) is produced by white people doing what is best for themselves and best for the system of white supremacy (racism). There is a stark contrast before this idea was introduced of white people killing each other, by the thousands. The introduction is carried all throughout areas of people activity and the noticeable behavioral changes of white people that are the result of ideas such as this works to help refine the system of white supremacy (racism).

Now there are scenes for non-white people too. Scenes with high emotional characterization. It’s a love story too. This is only meant for non-white people. Why do you think the movie is called “A Beautiful Mind”? See the movie and see if you can pick out the messages in it that help to refine white supremacy (racism). For a sneak peek at the scene described above click this link (Sneak Peek). You’ll need Media Player to view.

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