black hawk down


A Counter Racist Movie Review

by Josh Wickett

In terms of acting, plot, characters…this movie rates poorly, even in terms of White Supremacy programming there is nothing new here. Black Hawk Down is basically a clumsy patch work of the Alamo, Custer’s last stand and every Cowboy and IIndian movie you have ever seen; stitched together and set in Mogadishu Somalia in 1993. Come on…you know the story; A small group of technically advanced brave White men fight a desperate battle against hordes of nameless faceless poorly equipped “backwards” non-white, chattering masses.

Sometimes the White people are victorious and sometimes as in Custer’s Last Stand they all get killed, but either way the White people always emerge looking “good.”

Black Hawk Down is based on the 1993 ill fated raid by U.S. army rangers and Delta force units to capture/assassinate a single nigger- Mohammed Farad Aidid. Aidid was just one of the countless numbers of non white people around the world that the White Supremacists provide weapons in order to promote conflict among the victims of racism. “Saddam”, Noriega, Osama bin Willie Horton… ? White people create these “Head Niggers in Charge” and then get all bent outta shape when the nigger attacks them. O. J. Simpson is a classic example. White people created him, you remember…”Tha Juice, Tha juice!” O. J. could get into clubs “Jews” couldn’t get into! We all knew what O. J. was about But White people awoke one morning to find “their pet wolf wasn’t a dog after all”, that’s what that look on their face was all about (please pardon my digression)

Rather than review the entire movie I’d like to take the opportunity to outline some standard components of a typical White Supremacy “War Movie”.


“Hi, I’m with White Supremacy and I’m here to help”. Whether its “Nation building”, “democracy” or “humanitarian assistance”, when White people with weapons show up, they’re always “here to help” (themselves). Yeah, your country may be leveled with bombs and poisoned with diet agent orange… but they mean well; and isn’t it the thought that really counts?

Black Hawk Down opens with graphic pictures of starving Africans…famine, disease and flies. Subtitles explaining what White people are trying to do are superimposed on top of these scenes. They lay the whole thing out using only those words which will justify their actions; feed the starving, heal the sick… they don’t say “kinda” and “maybe” its not like they’re talking to you about racism. When White people really want you to understand something they don’t use ambiguous deceptive language, they use the language that best reveals truth. And when they want you to help them do something they will also provide you with the correct language to carry it out. Years ago when I worked in a nitro-glycerin factory (as the janitor) I picked up a bottle and asked a White man, “is this nitro-glycerin?” he didn’t say, “it depends on what the definition of [is] is”. He gave me the straight simple answer, he said “yes”. He also explained without prompting how we could all die in a massive fireball if it is mishandled. See?

And then he fired me.


Whether its “Indians” in a John Wayne movie, “Orientals” in a Vietnam flick or Black tribal “savages” in Africa, the motives of the non white “enemy” are never clearly stated, indeed they just seem to be fighting because…because… they’re crazy! Wild eyed, blood thirsty screaming hoards. In BHD there is not a single positive portrayal of a Somali. The Somali “leaders” are cruel, shifty and unjust while the Somali “masses” are portrayed as just that… nameless, faceless “masses” who spend the entire movie hooting, shooting (and they never aim) and running around all the time like a bunch of monkeys. I suspect this is part of The White Supremacists divide and conquer strategy designed to make sure Black people in American don’t identify with Black people in Africa. You see the futuristic version of this in ALIENS TWO. White people (with guns) travel to a Planet and start extracting the resources and when the “Alien” (single non white mother) WHO LIVES THERE! resists and tries to protect her children, she gets accused of terrorism See?, the bullshit is non stop under White Supremacy. Notice how even though the White people invade this creatures planet, she is the one classified an “alien” Its not a coincidence that White people produce movies like this. They absolve them of their past actions and prepare YOU for their future ones (you listening Saddam?)


At some point in every White Supremacy War movie the critical decisive impact of advanced technology will be demonstrated. It is a way for White people to compensate for their numerical inferiority. Napalm, agent orange, smart bombs, spy satellites… these movies are designed to showcase the latest tools the smartest and most powerful people in the universe (White Supremacists) have come up with to maintain White Supremacy. Communications is the main one showcased in Black Hawk down. The entire operation is being micro managed by a single White man in a room far from the actual battle. Through the use of audio, video and assorted technology this single White man can see everything happening as it happens, and send you help when you need it; how’s that for a “God”?

At one point in the battle when the niggers start to get the upper hand, The White Supremacists use their super duper helicopter Gatlin gun to kill 100 niggers at a time. And at another point use “see in the dark” glasses to sneak up on a group of niggers and strangle them. The whole “White Supremacy Weaponry Tool Time Demonstration Show” is designed to build confidence into the psyche of the average White person that they have the tools to dominate non white people anytime and any place. This is critical because the average White person doesn’t want to compete with niggers unless he knows he has the advantage. This is true for all areas of people activity, not just war. When Black males began to accelerate the game of basketball through the use of superior speed and power, White Supremacists created the “three point shot”…just for them. In the national football league the offensive line positions are reserved for White males, why? because offensive players always know what’s going to happen, they have the INITIATIVE. Meanwhile the Black players on defense hafta be ready for any and every possible play in the play book.


If you ever want to break up a fight between two White men just send a nigger over to date their daughters . In many of these movies White men are in conflict with each other. But don’t expect these “White arguments” to interfere with how they deal with you; you are what the argument is all about! In the game of White Supremacy non white people are not “players”, THEY ARE THE BALL!

A common theme in these kind of movies is a staged inter personal conflict between the two smartest most powerful White men that gets resolved during the heat of battle. In Black Hawk Down this is portrayed in the person of two White males. Captain Steele the commander of the army Rangers and “Zack” a member of the top secret Delta Force. These two “Alpha Honkies” if you will, are not in conflict over what needs to be done (expand/maintain White Supremacy) but over how to do it. If you study White Supremacy you will find this is always the case when ever White people come into hostilities with each other. Are we gonna practice White Supremacy the Hitler way or the Churchill way? Its like the Mafia battling over turf…which crime family is gonna run things? Zack as a member Delta Force is unconventional, he doesn’t wear a uniform, doesn’t salute or shave and leaves the safety off on his weapon… this sloppy soldiering annoys Capt… Steele who as an Army Ranger is very concerned with order and discipline and doesn’t want his soldiers to pick up any of these bad habits. They have a few “run ins” with each other at the beginning of the movie that build until in a heated argument over what to do in the middle of a battle Capt.. Steele calls Zack a “combat ineffective!” A third White male kinda steps in and defuses the situation but it basically gets resolved by Zack performing some heroic acts and thereby proving that although unconventional, he has the only thing that really counts under White Supremacy–the ability to do more things. Many times in Black Hawk Down you will feel like you are watching a football game.


This is a relatively recent phenomenon of the White Supremacy war movie genre, but I’m including it because I think its here to stay. For the most part Black soldiers were never even in the script to begin with. They were then stitched in as an afterthought only to be killed off within the first few minutes of battle, or left to linger till the end when then are then killed off, usually attempting to save their White comrades like Jim Brown in “The Guns of Navarone”.I’m happy to report that in Black Hawk Down not only does the nigger survive the entire battle but he does so with a minimum of cooning and head scratching (they got the Somalis lookin so bad that one more nigger really wouldn’t matter).

The only Black male “Kurth” is portrayed as “one of the guys”. Its easy to forget about him because he is seen or heard very little during the entire film. This made my job as a counter racist analyst a lot easier because I didn’t hafta search for the “nigger programming” scenes because there was only one. During one scene when they are all hanging out playing cards…someone starts talking about “the skinnys” (that’s the term used to refer to Somalians [Skin-ny = nigg-er].) Another soldier accuses Sgt Nevisman of liking the “skinnys” this is what follows;

SGT NEVISMAN: Its not that I like em or I don’t like em…I respect them.

BLK GUY: See what you guys fail to realize is; the Sgt here is a bit of an idealist…he believes in this mission down to his very bones…don’t you Sgt?”

SGT NEVISMAN: Look, these people… they have… no jobs, no food, no education, no future (said with that Noam Chomsky halting introspective vocal pattern and inflection) I just figure that…ya know…I mean…we have two things we can do, we can either help or we can sit back and watch the country destroy itself on CNN.

BLK GUY: I don’t know about you guys but I was trained to fight… were you trained to fight Sgt?

NEVISMAN: well I think I was trained to make a difference Kurth.

This is all followed by tacky laughter.

See what I mean? They make the Black male go out of his way to convince all the White men that he has nothing in common with the Somolis and then they give the conscience to the White man. I am not attacking Kurth for saying what he said. We all do this shit every fucking day! Its called “how to survive as a nigger under White Supremacy”. Just imagine if Kurth Said what Nevisman said? What do you think would have happened? He woulda got shot in the back by one of the “whiteboys” that’s what! cause he looks just like a “skinny!” See in the army the White Supremacist run this game called lets design some avocado niggers! ( Black on the outside green on the inside) “color doesn’t matter cause we’re all green here”, and niggers buy this shit by the case;


because the truth costs too much. What cost is that?

The high blood pressure, over eating, alcoholism, ulcers (just say when) chronic fatigue, heart disease, depression…facing the truth means confronting White Supremacy and when you decide to do that…

You are on your fucking own.

There ain’t no “back up” so don’t call for none. Niggas is gonna run; how do I know? cause I’m a nigger and I’m gonna run! so if you got some religion, here’s your chance to test it out cause this ain’t checkers! (once again, please pardon my digression)

Be sure to remember when you watch this movie that its really a commercial for the military branch of White Supremacy. The music, guns, shootin niggers…”it don’t get no better than this!” The events as they are portrayed may be misleading because the actual battles probably never happened this way. Niggers continually get gunned down in clouds of dust but when a White person gets killed. The music stops. The camera freezes. They get to say some last words… The death of a White person is a sacred, spiritual event but Black people just die.

I’m sure I’m leaving out some of the standard components of White Supremacy War movies. Black Hawk Down is just an average one. The White people look good, and the niggers look…look…like niggers; like I said, this is White Supremacy, did you really expect something else?


Josh Wickett




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