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Cover of "Europa Europa"
Cover of Europa Europa

A Counter Racist Movie Review

by Josh Wickett

This is a critical movie to see for any victim of racism who has ever discussed the subject of racism with people who classifies themselves as “Jewish.”  It is correct and indeed critical for all VOR’s (victims of racism) to know at all times whether they are dealing with a victim, or a suspect (racist).

If you examine the historical record, you will notice that non white people are often easily confused when approached by a White person bearing a title of what I term “Strategic Ambiguity” such as Jesuit, Pilgrim, Christian, Gay…

This movie deals with one such title; “Jewish.”

The movie is centered around a young “Jewish” boy (Solly) and his family in pre war Germany. The Nazis have just come to power and things are starting to get ugly for the “Jews.” Dad is convinced the Nazis are just a fad and decides to move the family to Poland until it blows over. The Nazis show up there too, and the parents decide to send Solly and his older brother further east to get away from the Nazis.

NOTE: Through out the movie, different groups of White people are making comments about race, pay attention and observe how this “Jew” plays the margins…

He gets separated from his brother and winds up in a Soviet orphanage that contains 3 basic groups of children: Russians, Poles and “Jews.”

Now he already speaks fluent German, at this school he learns Russian too, all the while identifying himself as a “Jew.” In no time flat, the Nazis show up at his school and he gets himself captured and now the deception begins. He tells them he is a “pure” German, whose parents were killed by the communist, and the Nazi soldiers believe him; in other words he’s “passing for Aryan (White).” The next few years he’s a Nazi youth. He goes to the elite Nazi boys’ school… falls in love with a Nazi girl… learns Nazi songs. (And you thought gangsta rap was rough) All the while living in fear that someone will find out that he is a “Jew.” Because the movie portrays him sympathetically, you are not shown what he has to DO to be a Nazi. You never see him mistreat anyone, which is what you hafta do to be a real Nazi. You don’t see him attempting to compensate for his true racial classification by being the biggest baddest racist on the block, like Leo Felton. This part is not shown in the movie but you gotta suspect it happened because you can’t be no “part time Nazi.”

Now the war is ending and his platoon is surrounded by the Russians. So what does he do? He runs over to the Russians and claims he’s “one of them.”

I won’t tell you how the movie ends because that’s not my point.

My point is that in a system of White Supremacy the critical question is:

“Are you White?” Many White people have found it useful to operate under these “titles” while practicing White Supremacy; titles such as Gay…Liberal…Republican and my personal all time favorite Jewish.

According to code, a White Person is:

1.  A person who classifies him/herself as “white”

2.  A person who is classified as “white” by other people who classify themselves as


3.  A person who functions as a “white” person in every area of activity.

This is the best definition of a White person that I have ever come across; it is both comprehensive and contemporary in any age. According to counter racist code, the people who run a system of White Supremacy are called White Supremacist.

Who are these people?

Europa Europa is a very interesting movie from a counter racist viewpoint. The acting is very good and because it is a foreign film, the German being spoken is “real German” and the Russian being spoken is “real Russian”, not that fake ass Sean Connery hunt for red October phony Russian bullshit. The superintendent of the Nazi school delivers an especially stunning performance as do all of the White people when they are making statements about race. The trip he makes on the trolley through the Ghetto will really remind you of the “Ghetto” if you know what I mean.

In closing, I highly recommend this movie. You may not find out what a person who says they are “Jewish” is, but you will have some insight into what they could be…


Josh Wickett


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