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Fight Club (film)
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A Counter Racist Movie Review


by Josh Wickett




A practicing “yuppie” becomes underwhelmed by his rampant materialism and lack of meaningful Human relationships. To compensate, his brain creates a “playmate” composed of all the qualities he wishes he possessed.


FIGHT CLUB is a very interesting movie both in terms of its production qualities and writing. Edward Norton plays “Jack,” a thirty something yuppie insurance investigator who has everything and nothing at the same time. Like many people in today’s plastic, throwaway, cyber society, Jack spends most of his time working a boring job so he can make enough money to spend his free time consuming. As some of you out there know, this is a vicious cycle that only leaves you more desperate for a “real” experience with a “real” person.


This desperation leads Jack to create a playmate in the person of “Tyler Durden” (Brad Pitt). Tyler is everything Jack wants to be but thinks he can’t. Tyler is confident, witty, tough, good in bed…but most importantly, Tyler has a purpose. I could be incorrect, but it appeared to me that this purpose was to demonstrate that most people have no greater purpose other than consumerism.


When I ask a White person, “What is a White person?” Their answer usually stays on the physical level “i.e.” blonde hair, blue eyes…The message of this movie is telling White males that chronic consumption of the symbols of “Whiteness” is not White Supremacy, any nigger can buy all his furniture from IKEA and wear khaki pants if thats what he’s taught to do.


White Supremacy means living everyday like its your last and being willing to fight anyone, anytime for nothin.


Tyler creates “Fight Club” which is a secret organization where males meet and fight each other “man to man.” It was at this point where I began to sense a homo-erotic thread running thru this movie. At one of the events Tyler announces that the first rule of fight club is “don’t talk about fight club,” and the second rule of fight club is “don’t talk about fight club,” (that’s not a typo) These White males who are “out of touch” with themselves due to their chronic consumption of the symbols of White Supremacy, get in touch with themselves by feeling each other through punches, kicks, bodyslams…  Their knowledge of having “risen to the challenge” gives them the confidence and self esteem that they lack and allows them to pursue their lives with that extra bit of dedication, grit and sacrifice that is characteristic of all successful organizations. Jack actually seems annoyed when Tyler has a sexual relationship with a female (Helen Bonham Carter) who plays “Marla Singer,” a woman who’s mere presence seems to cause Jack to question his own masculinity. You really need someone like Francis Cress Welsing to decode the homosexual content of this movie. Its there, but it has a language all its own.


Tyler’s ultimate purpose of forming this fight club is to train these White males to be tough and fight; but to fight what? You are led to believe that Tyler’s ultimate purpose is the destruction of a city”s physical infrastructure. But I personally think the movies ultimate message to White males was one telling them that there is a better “organization” than homosexuality that awaits them if they work hard and are willing to fight, an organization that will give them the confidence to be “men among men.”


As more and more non white males acquire the symbols of “Whiteness” (SUVs, PHDs…) More and more White males may decide to “turn around and go the other way.” I think this movie was attempting to counter that trend by demonstrating the importance of striving to be the sum of all you know instead of the sum of all you own;”you are not your khakis, IKEA boy.”


I could have it all wrong. Maybe this movie really is about White male self destruction and random violence…?


Nawh, that would just make them niggers. White people move and act with purpose. All the great and vast things they do/have done are evidence of this. I gotta suspect that this so called “Fight Club” is only more of the same only in a more refined form. As a non white person, I can’t really tell you what the “fight club” is because Im not a “member” of the club.


And if anybody tells you what Fight Club is you should suspect they are not a member, because the first rule of fight club is, “don’t talk about fight club.”


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