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A Counter Racist Movie Review

by Josh Wickett

Its  the year 2053 in the USA.  The chaos of the “Great Recession” of the late 1990s is gone. 50 millions Americans were killed in the 2nd Revolutionary War but they did not die in vain. The causes of that war have been eliminated; no more envy, greed or hate, mediocrity is strictly enforced, so is the new constitution which reads: “All men are not created equal, it is the purpose of government to make them so…”

This was a very interesting movie. Imagine for a moment that the White Supremacists decide to audition other White people using extremely strict intelligence standards instead of just skin color, and then retard the abilities of the rest to the level of the average nigger. Harrison Beregen is a young White male around 17 years old who has a big problem, he’s smart. He’s creative, inquisitive and has a thirst for knowledge. In other words he is a normal adolescent male. The artificial society he lives in is one which has been created by a secret government consisting of the 3000 smartest White people; I term them “The System”.  The System has decided that the best way to achieve peace is not to produce Justice but to force everyone  to have the same level of ability. The system does this by forcing everyone to wear an electronic head band that transmits “niggerwaves” directly to the brain and through the continuous broadcast of vapid lowbrow “entertainment” on television; sports, game shows, assorted “shitcoms”… The System has been up and running so long that now people accept it as normal.  At school Harrisons is teased and ridiculed because he is smart, his teacher suggests he have an “operation”  so he can fit in with the other students.  The doctor who is actually a member of the System explains the operation to Harrison and his mom, His mom is happy because her son is finally gonna get some help for his “problem”. Before they leave the doctor tells Harrison that he should visit a “head house” and see what its like to actually use his brain to its full potential before he gets niggerized.

Head Houses are illegal, they are the equivalent of whore houses for smart people. You pays your money to the madame and you gets to pick a sexy SMART woman who takes you to a private room where you can discuss quantum physics, debate the philosophy of Plato, John Locke, Sartre, ponder the meaning of life, question fixed truths… basically do all those things niggers ain’t got no business doin! Harrison likes chess so he picks Philipa, a sexy Blonde chess expert. These head houses though highly illegal are actually run by the System as a testing ground for future recruits, Philipa is a member herself who job is to find new people. Philipa performs the treasonous act of removing her headband to play chess and wins every game, she encourages Harrison to remove his but he is afraid of getting caught and also makes the interesting statement that : “sometimes you can learn more by loosing”.

When the cops raid the place, Harrison performs the noble deed of taking his headband off and placing it on Philipas head. It was all a test; Harrison was willing to sacrifice his life for a person he really didn’t even know,  it was all caught on video tape. As a consequence of this “behavior unbecoming of a nigger” Harrison is taken to meet the head of the System, “John Klaxson”  who proceeds to explain to him how the entire society is controlled by the 3000 smartest people i.e. “tha System”. He is given one of those Mafia “offers you can’t refuse”: either join the System and use your superior intelligence to create and maintain niggers or…we will turn you into a nigger.

(this may be what White people are talking about when they express their fear of what will happen to them if they don’t practice White Supremacy)

Faced with that dilemma, Harrison does what you or I would do…he joins the System. Don’t give me none of that militant shit bout how you a “nigga for life, keepin it real, never sell out…” you know good and well that if White people offered honorary  White status to the first 10 niggers to apply you’d be fightin me for a place in line. Yeah, I know all about our great African civilizations…the Pyramids… but this system of racism is a motherfucker and I want out, right now!  Oh! you tell me that would mean never having contact with my parents,brothers and sisters, girlfriends  and all the other Black people I know?


I got mad love for my peeps but racism is a monster that retards my ability to do things. It poisons relationships between people and inhibits constructive activity among people of the universe. I wanna be creative and I can’t be creative and be a nigger at the same time. First I’m gonna use my creativity to create some Justice, then me and all the “ex niggers” are gonna take this thing called civilization to a new level.

(Please pardon my digression)

Anyway, Harrison goes into the field of communications, he does well but is annoyed that he hasta  use all his intelligence to help program  niggers. Philipa is in love with him, she comes over for a date in which they are supposed to spend the evening watching and learning things from various CDs she has chosen, Beethoven, Its A Wonderful Life… but they put on some Jazz music and proceed to fuck all night.

This event has a powerful effect on both of them. As members of the System the are not allowed to have children, Plippa is not only pregnant but is unaware that her father is none other than John Klaxson, System Head. Philipa rather than abort the baby  tries to run away. She gets caught  is returned and given  the “niggerlombotomy” .  Harrison is pissed! and decides to go PLO style with a suicide mission to reveal the existence of the System to all the niggers out there in TV land. He storms the the main transmission area; a steel encased room with walls 20 feet thick. He lock himself inside and proceeds to explain to all the simple niggers out there in TV land the existence of the System and how it mistreats them. For about 12 hours he broadcasts all types of things that niggers are not taught; great music, movies, poets artist…he also encourages everyone to remove their headbands in an act of mass “mental disobedience”.

Finally the System breaks down the door and hauls him off to the mental ward.  System head John Klaxson, Philipa’s father, makes Harrison another “offer he can’t refuse”: go on a national talk show tell everyone that what he did was just a hoax…you know, an Orson Well’s type War of the Worlds thing, all will be forgiven and he can rejoin the System. He accepts the offer, goes on the show and claims that all he did was false and then he stands up, walks to the camera and says: “but this is real”, he pulls out a gun, sticks it in his mouth and blows his brains out.

The end.

Harrisons attempt at inciting mass rebellion against the System was a failure. After his 12 hour marathon in which he attempted to deniggerize the population, most people just put their headbands back on and went back to being niggers; watching shitcoms and practicing limited thinking. Much like the System of White Supremacy, when a political system is perfected you can shut it off and the niggers will run on auto pilot with only the occasional maintenance dose necessary to keep it running. This is a very important lesson for the counter racist scientist. Don’t think you can just drop counter racist code on VORs and they will get it. Thats like feeding steak to a baby. All the niggers thought that what Harrison did, although entertaining, was completely bizarre, it was weird…strange. They all thought he was…CRAZY.

Just like some of you reading this think I’m crazy. I may be, and if I am, I got a big problem.

But if I’m not and you’re a non white person anywhere on this planet…You got a problem too.

Supremacy is not perfection. White Supremacy will never be perfect as long a single nigger anywhere on this planet is complaining about it. Years ago White people came up with the concept of “School Without Walls” for their children. The idea being that the entire planet is your classroom; every blade of grass, every sight, every sensation is a learning experience. The entire universe will fit between your ears as long as no walls keep it separated from you. Meanwhile niggers get questioned for asking questions. Its no wonder to me that White people are so smart.  QUESTION:”Can you do it?”


WHITE ANSWER: “not yet”

See what I mean? I suffered this revelation personally last year when I ask my niece if she knew how to swim, she said, “not yet”, but she’s only 5 years old, if I remember correctly she will be crushed by age 7.

All Black people are engaged in some kind of compensation for racism; some make music, some pray, some do drugs and some write counter racist movie reviews, ain’t no nigger can claim he got tha solution till tha shit is over. Even Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerlly are doing what they can to solve the problem ( which may explain why they aren’t very good at what they do).

We really do need a “full court press”.

I did what I did and I won’t take it back, it may not work, I may be fuckin it all up and makin it worse!  But until those persons with both the WILL and ABILITY step forward and produce Justice, I’ll be workin with my will and whatever else I can find.

Thats what I’ll do, you can help out by making sure I do that.


Josh Wickett




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