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Author: Josh Wickett

Counter-Racist Movie Review – Liberty Stands Still

Two sections of the United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept shake every body up when they first read it. The eighth area and the ninth area; Sex and War respectively. The ninth area has suggestions for what a victim of racism can do in the area of people activity known as war. One of the suggestions is called Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice.

OK, bear with me for a minute, cause this may be the only part of this review that is accurate.

Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice: is the willful deliberate elimination of one or more Racists (White Supremacists), through death, and, the willful and deliberate elimination of self, through death, by a victim of racism (non-white person), acting alone, acting according to a detailed plan, and acting only after he or she has judged that he or she can no longer endure the effects of Racism and/or that he or she is no longer able to effectively promote justice, except by eliminating one or more Racists, and by eliminating his or her self, as a subject to the racists.
Neely Fuller, Jr.

That’s what this movie appears to be about…to me. If you are like me you are going to have to spend some time with that definition. Thinking about it, reading it, rereading it…I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t of seen it. This movie is about a victim who…who…well, read it again,
I’ll wait for you.

Yep, with just a couple of exceptions thrown in possibly for production purposes this is what it looks like to me. Now “they” ain’t gonna call it that, the movie frames the issue in terms of the 2nd amendment but if you understand the concept of Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice, there’s a whole nother movie for you to see. See what?

See what you’re looking at.

The concept notwithstanding, this was a very difficult movie to pull off successfully due to the limited dynamics it offered. Most of the movie is discussion between just two people, a sniper and his target; neither of which is able to physically move very much. Faced with this dilemma, the entire movie must be carried on dialogue (via cell phone). In order to do this you need two very good actors and at least one very good writer.

Liberty Stands Still is a movie in which Wesley Snipes plays a sniper (stop laughing) whose 7 or 8-year-old daughter was killed by a student who brought a gun to school. Linda Fiorentino plays “Liberty Wallace” heiress and co-president of the largest gun manufacturing corporation in America; Snipes and Fiorentino do a respectable job with the script they were given, they have chemistry… but something tells me with better writing this movie could have been a “contendah”. I’m a fan of Wesley Snipes. Not just because he’s about the only Black male that routinely gives beat downs to White men without cooning and cracking jokes… but because there is something about his posture that leads me to believe he understands codes. Maybe it’s the martial arts training, maybe it’s the time spent in N.O.I… but something about his style is very codified. Linda Fiorentino who plays Liberty Wallace is pretty good but I would have experimented with some other White females for the part.

The movie opens (after an eternity of credits) with Liberty Wallace talking to her boyfriend on the phone who is trying to set up a booty call. Unknown to her Snipes has a gun to his head and is forcing him to make the call so as to lure her into his trap. When she gets there the drama heats up.

Snipes has set himself up in an abandoned office building with everything he needs to pull off his mission; binoculars, laptop, various scanners and electronic gadgets, (a Starbucks venti alfresco corpus delecti) and most importantly, a high powered sniper rifle. I’m not talking about any ol rifle either. This is a White mans gun. You see them niggas in Iraq runnin around with rusty Aks…Hey, Snipes got himself the White supremacists wet dream; a 223. Complete with high-powered scope, silencer, laser designator and tripod… Plus, he knows how to use it, check out his form (it appears he’s studied shooting code).

Now I gotta mention this because its central to the story. Liberty’s boyfriend (the one Snipes forced to call her) is an actor performing at a theater near where Snipes is holed up. In front of the theater is a hot dog stand. The vendor is a Black guy who is also dealing drugs to all the White people who work in the area. He sells hotdogs and cocaine but at some point he just disappears. The viewer is left to wonder if he and Snipes are working together because Snipes has placed a bomb in the hotdog stand and through some skillful shooting forces Liberty to handcuff herself to the stand. Also, the boyfriend is tied up in his dressing room with a bomb too.

Sound too phony?

Hey, read the definition of MECJ again. Like I said, Snipe’s veers from MECJ on a few points but it’s hard to tell if it was done to “fill out” the movie for production purposes or if it’s something else.

Some background

This comes out in the dialogue between Snipes and Liberty and Victor but Snipes is actually a former secret agent i.e. delta force, navy seals, CIA… He is now using the skills they taught him and the equipment they gave him for MECJ (that makes this a horror movie for White supremacists). Like I said before, his daughter was shot and killed by a student at school using a gun manufacture by Liberty’s corporation. Now being that this movie was made under conditions dominated by racism White supremacy, you don’t get to witness that, naw, Wesley Snipes is a Black male. But if Kevin Costner was starring “they” would have spent 20 minutes replaying the scene of a little blonde girl getting shot at school and Costner cradling her limp body and screaming out to God…you would have been made to identify with the motive behind this White mans actions. You would “feel his pain”, know his agony and trauma…feel the insult of this unholy injustice…yeah, they woulda had all ya’ll niggas cryin

(((shakin my head)))

But since you got a Black male up there the sympathy just doesn’t seem to translate, “oh how unfortunate“. Yeah they do some flashbacks of his daughter, yeah they mention his “service to the country”…but when I look around, I don’t see no White women cryin…matter a fact, I don’t see no niggers cryin either. This is why I say it’s hard to know how good Black actors/actresses really are. In a system of racism White supremacy things get niggerized for us.

So for the rest of the movie that’s what you have. Liberty Wallace chained to a hotdog stand with a bomb in it. Snipes with a gun trained on her. And actor boyfriend tied up with a bomb in his room set to go off if he speaks or moves.

But this is the key. I think Snipes is really after Liberty’s Husband; Victor Wallace. See Liberty Wallace is the daughter of the founder of the McLeod Guns, she’s the “symbol”. And when dad killed himself (the suicide note said: “you can’t fuck with freedom”) the company went to her. Victor Wallace is really the one who makes things work, sets up the deals, arms the insurgents, arms the “rebel groups”…he’s smart enough to do this and make it look like he ain’t: Victor is the White supremacist. Its not really that deep, you just have to think about it. How else do you think niggers in Africa who can’t even feed or clothe themselves get surface to air missiles?

As Liberty is chained to the hotdog stand talking on the cell phone, she keeps trying to figure out ways to ask for help without alerting Snipes. Some child comes up to buy a hotdog and she writes H-E-L-P on it using the mustard. Turns out the kid don’t like mustard and besides, Snipes threatens to shoot him anyway. Later a cop passes by so Liberty starts stripping off her clothes to get his attention. She takes it all off, dress, jewelry, watch… the cop is seeing this and thinking “WTF?” He can’t really tell what’s going on but Liberty arouses his suspicion through a combination of eye talk, body language, and “the twins” (smile). The cop hands Liberty all her stuff and says, “I’ll be right back”. He walks to his cruiser and Snipes drops him with one shot.

Well, that’s the end of the credibility gap. Liberty may not know much about this voice on the phone but she now knows he’s a killer. Snipes get her husband Victor on the phone for a 3-way call. Check out the dialogue between them. They already have a contingency plan for just such a situation. Watch Victor as he quarterbacks the situation.

The dead cop has drawn attention to the event so now Mr. “newsman” shows up because you know what they say: “if it bleeds it leads”. Journalist “Bill Tallman” shows up and this guy is good. This is great acting. The perfect hair, perfect newsman suit, confident smile…This guy actually tries to start “quarterbacking” the whole situation during a 3 way call with Liberty and a sniper likes he’s on some kind of friggin safari (((shakin my head))) And this is one of the most interesting things about this movie. In the process of Snipes executing MECJ, the “Gods eye view” allows you to see how all these different White supremacists are running the system and looking like they ain’t. Drugs, weapons, money… these White people are managing all this instruments of huge and tragic cost but when you turn on the 6 o’clock news all you see is niggers. Non-white people slaughtering each other worldwide and couldn’t do none of it without the support of White people. This reporter “Tallman” is the son of a senator who is “on the take” facilitating these weapons going around the world; including the “inner city” where reporter “Tallman” draws his check covering “disadvantaged youth” gunning each other down with guns supplied by Liberty’s company. When Snipes shoots him the contrast is immediate and dramatic. As a matter of fact when Liberty tells him help is on the way he says, “no its not”. The scene is quite graphic; I think it’s the best acting of the entire movie.

Liberty is all shook up now. She’s cryin and angry that people keep getting shot because of her. She starts cursing Snipes, talking about his penis size and how he’s trying to compensate with a “big gun“…Hmmm? Think for a minute about who has the biggest and the mostest guns on the planet. Uh huh…and ya’ll got the nerve to say Francis Cress Welsing is crazy. Check out that picture of the hotdog on the side of the cart. (Wink)

By this time Liberty’s husband, Victor, is in full damage control mode. Something is up so he is crossing all his “T”s and dotting all his “I”s . As a good White supremacist he hasta “straighten up the front room” so when the smoke clears he can deny anything and everything. At about this time somebody starts popping off rounds at Liberty and it ain’t Snipes! Only a thorough understanding of White supremacy culture is gonna get you through this part. Ya see, White supremacists are involved in all kinds of incorrect unjust behaviors. Two things are known to get them gunning down each other.

A. Disagreements over how to practice racism White supremacy.

B. Arguments over how the “loot” is split up. (Which is kinda the same thing)

Victor goes through a bit of confusion too. He has to think back about who he might have ripped off, who didn’t get paid. Whose wife he’s fuckin… He has to figure out if the shooter is another White Supremacist, a disgruntled client, a psycho, a hungry nigger…He starts callin around telling people to “knock it off” (ain’t that just like a White supremacist?). Somebody wants Liberty dead and it ain’t Snipes.

There is really no telling who is trying to kill Liberty now. It may be Victor, may be “The Mafia”, “Russian Mob”, “CIA”… Snipes hasta step in and start droppin these assorted goons’ cause they are fuckin up his plan. The scene is framed as heavy irony but I strongly suspect the “magic Negro” syndrome is seeping in. At one point he even says to Liberty, “I like you”. Up to this point he ain’t been helping no White people but now he’s saving one White supremacist from some other White supremacists. But before you start (((shaking your head))) re read the definition of Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice (MECJ-pronounced “meck-jay” remember the part:
Acting according to a detailed plan“. Snipes has the whole thing planned out. It may be part of his plan. He instructs Liberty to “spill the beans”…”sing like a jaybird”…*reveal truth*.

Is she ready to do it?


Liberty starts talking, she starts naming names, times, places…I lost it, I almost had an orgasm. Imagine a White person giving you the names of White people who practice racism White supremacy, the times they did it, places, techniques…oh God it was beautiful. She names senators, congressmen, bribes, wire transfers, off shore bank accounts, foreign governments (Snipes records the whole thing). He helps her with a little coaching, which is what you often hafta do when questioning White people about the system of racism White supremacy. When White people reveal truth about the system of racism White supremacy they feel “naked”…exposed i.e. less powerful.

They ain’t used to it. If you ever get to this point be careful because their options are limited. They can:

A. Go home and watch a John Wayne movie.

B. Take a swing atcha.

Option B is often taken. I think this is what happened to Martin Luther King when he spoke out on Vietnam. Jesus Christ, he had to have known, He had a good thing going. Fame, Nobel prize, beautiful wife, moral currency…he could have been a “responsible Negro”. Of all the things he could have done, why did he do that?

Maybe he went insane…yeah that’s it, he went crazy.

(Please pardon my digression)

Maybe its guilt, maybe its ego But Victor is curious (and probably offended). Somebody is fucking with his system. He don’t seem to care about Liberty He just cares about his operation; Liberty just happens to be a part of it. Plus Victor is starting to believe he knows Snipes. Turns out they both worked together in the CIA “back in tha day” roaming the planet jackin niggas fo they “happy meal”. Snipes even saved Victors life. Instead of following the contingency plan and “being unavailable for comment”. Victor heads to the scene of the stand off for some “eartime” with Snipes. The movie is almost over so they tie up a lot of loose ends here. For Victor, Snipes is just another problem to be solved. In typical White supremacist fashion he uses words, lots of words; tries to talk his way out of it. That shit usually works, but Snipes is a “meck-jay” nigga. Victor is no longer dealing with “just another nigger”; he’s dealing with a concept.

He dealing with Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice

For the benefit those of you who have just joined us (niggas is always late)

****** Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice is the willful deliberate elimination of one or more Racists (White Supremacists), through death, and, the willful and deliberate elimination of self, through death, by a victim of racism (non-white person), acting alone, acting according to a detailed plan, and acting only after he or she has judged that he or she can no longer endure the effects of Racism and/or that he or she is no longer able to effectively promote justice, except by eliminating one or more Racists, and by eliminating his or her self, as a subject to the racists.****

Victor talks his shit and then Snipes drops him with one to the knee and then for the coup de grace, one to the heart.

Having achieved what he set out to do. He tells Liberty where the keys are so she can free her self.

Snipes then pulls out a pistol and shoots himself in the head.

Yes after all that he lets Liberty bounce. Maybe it’s the “magic Negro” syndrome or maybe its part of his plan. If it’s really MECJ we shouldn’t be able to know. I knew this was gonna be a tough movie to direct because they had to fill so much time and space with dialogue. It gets laborious at times. The whole thing with the boyfriend/theater is awkward and for such a high stakes gamble, some of the dialogue between Snipes and Liberty is downright boring. She starts talking about the Civil War…her father zzzzz…On the other hand there are some great performances. The S.W.A.T captain and the police chief are excellent as is the “hotdog vendor” who mysteriously disappears at the beginning of the movie…never to return. But what really made this movie for me was its demonstration of how White people are running the entire show. From the little nigger on the corner slingin caine to the “terrorist” with their “Weapons of Mass Destruction” on the other side of the planet…White people orchestrate the entire thing. And most importantly: MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THEY AIN’T!

The White people who practice racism White supremacy are smart enough to do this.

Look, I know it hurts to realize that you ain’t got no “secrets” from White people. The White supremacist make it their business to keep all nigger pathology in the public domain; including the embarrassing stuff we try to hide from them and each other like tryin to “get lighter” by not marrying anyone darker than you, brothas havin sex with other brothas on tha “downlow”, “good hair”…You ain’t hidin shit from them. Victor even says so. He tells Liberty, “don’t get dramatic, if they wanted you dead, you would be”.

And that’s the truth. The White people who practice racism White supremacy are smart enough and powerful enough to kill you when they decide to.

Shit, they could kill me tomorrow and just say it was “drug/gang related”; I can hear that “news voice” now:” tonight unconfirmed sources close to the investigation have confirmed for us that the shooting appears to be gang related…indeed… early reports indicate…clearly…bla bla bla…the 27th hijacker…raped Jessica Lynch…global warming…Saddam…AFRICA…Sasquatch…)

Stop laughing. They are smart enough to do this. The White supremacists study the techniques of deception. These mofos are good at it! They can sell fire to the devil…Water to a whale.


Words…lots of words.

Against this awesome power and ability victims of racism really only have one counter measure. Truth. WMDs, RPGs…naw…they sold you that shit in the first place. Revealing truth is one act and individual victim of racism can do on his or her own that is effective in producing Justice. As a matter of fact, it’s a requirement. Non-white people have been fooled into believing their mistreatment at the hands of the White supremacists is justified. The White supremacists have done this using word…LOTS OF WORDS.

Ya been hoodwinked,

Ya been flim flammed,

Ya been bamboozled!

The key is to refuse to lie to yourself. Be true to your self. Tell yourself the truth, even if it hurts. I know it’s difficult, I have a hard time with it myself; that’s why I hope and pray to Allah and his messenger the—-no, wait a minute…Im not Muslim. Well, um…er, I…I…well you know what I mean, I pray to something. (Note to self-find a religion)

Look, I don’t know how to solve the problem of racism White supremacy, its quite possible I just made it worse. But until the smart people grab this monkey wrench out my hand and put in some work; Im going to continue trying using the only tool in my toolbox, truth.

Notes on MECJ

With the exception of the issue of the hotdog stand vendor and a couple of other points, I think this was MECJ. Im going to step out on a limb and say that due to the nature of MECJ, its execution can never really be proven.

” Acting alone”. And, you gotta die. When I first read the codebook I had trouble with the concept because I had a poor understanding of balance and compensation due to my extremely niggerized existence. After some years of study I now understand all four words that define the concept: Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice. In the United Independent Compensatory Code/System Concept Neely Fuller has a section in which he deals with this concept I think the following quote sums up my point:

Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice is the most “honest” method of using counter violence to express very quickly and effectively, the concept that the use of violence by one person against another for unjust reasons, or objectives, must result in “waste” for both rather than “profit” for either.

In other words, when you all done, you gotta kill yourself too. No waitin around to collect a check, no hidin out till its all clear, no book or movie deals…its all over for you.

That’s the balance. That makes it a true equation. To end the existence of another person through the use of violence and/or deceit does not produce justice. It is only a desperate act that proves Justice does not yet exist. This is why I want Justice for all people all the time.

And you should too.

Racism White supremacy is the mother of injustice.

When there are no longer any Victims of Racism.

And there are no longer any White Supremacists.

Racism White supremacy will no longer exist as a practice. It will only exist as a concept…like Justice does now.

So we all have a decision to make. Either we ALL continue with non justice, falsehood, violence and deception,


We ALL start guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and make sure that the person who needs the most help gets the most help.

I ain’t waitin for a line to form. I made my decision.

You gotta make yours.

Good luck.

For a sneak peek at the movie trailer click this link (Sneak Peek). You’ll need Media Player to view.


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