lost souls


Author: Edward Williams

Counter-Racist Movie Review – Lost Souls

This is an interesting movie to watch if you can get past the usual undertones of “good = white” and “black or dark = bad”. It is about a female (white person) that is “exorcised” and during that process produced a mathematical equation (or string of numbers) that helped in identifying someone else that was being held captive by some “dark” (meaning evil) force.

The interesting parts of the movie for me were the following paragraphs. The male priest (white person) who performed the exorcism on the female actually needed the white females help to overcome this “dark” force. Interesting isn’t it? Looking at this in counter-racist terms, the white male is nothing without the white female. He needs her and she needs him to maintain the SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism). This is very confusing for non-white people, ESPECIALLY non-white males, who are easily convinced the SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism) is maintained by white males…when in actuality you need both the male and female to produce and train an individual white person to practice white supremacy (racism).

The story proceeds as basically a guide for identifying non-white people…a witch hunt. Any person that uses “dark magic” or “dark powers”, etc. What is interesting about this is it lays out how to accomplish this based on mathematics. The movie lays out for you HOW to identify non-white people, under the SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism) in mathematical terms. This is what I got from it, which produces more questions than answers, but you’ll have to watch it for yourself to understand.

Another interesting part of this movie for me was that the proclaimed Greek number codes “X E S” are numerically equivalent to “666”, or as it is more commonly known the mark of the beast. I searched the Internet for information on this to see if in fact it was accurate or just a movie hoax for entertainment purposes.

I came across several interesting documents in libraries and such but this was the most simplistically laid out; http://www.fargonasphere.com/piso/numcode.html. This URL keeps one from having to sort through all of the academic rhetoric. I found that “X E S” are the Greek numbers for “666”.

The reason this is so interesting to me is that the Greek numbers “X E S”, while the Greek numerical value of “666” is also the English word SEX spelled backwards. It is said that symbols are seen upside down and heard backwards. The fact that Greeks are historically recognized as “White” people by White scholars makes it even more interesting.

The pathological attempts by White people to control the populations of non-white people today has always been interesting to me. Could it be that “SEX” between non-white people and between White and non-white counterparts, is in actuality, for White people, the “Mark of the Beast“? The “Anti-Christ“? The “Devil”?

If “SEX” (666) is the “evil” (opposite of live, meaning death) spoken of and perpetuated by White scholars what is “good”? Can it be that “good”, or shortened “god” (God) is in actuality “doog” or “dog” spelled backwards? Is this the underlying message that “Dog” is Man’s best friend, meaning White Man, the one and only Man under the SYSTEM of Racism (White Supremacy), instead of “God” being Man’s best friend?

If “SEX” (666), just as “XES” (666), between non-white people and between White and non-white counterparts equal death (evil) do you think it is possible that White Supremacy (Racism) is a religion? If White Supremacy (Racism) is a religion is the “original sin” SEX? If White Supremacy (Racism) is a religion is the fear to be overcome the fear of white genetic annihilation?

Under the SYSTEM of White Supremacy (Racism), as a religion or not, evil (death) equals the diminishing number of White people, globally. I suspect the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy), which states that color (non-white people) always “annihilates” (phenotypically and genetically-speaking) the non-color, white, is correct.

Other than the underlying messages, the movie was rather boring and predictable. But check it out and let me know what you think!


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