A Counter Racist Movie Review

by Josh Wickett

Never in a million years would I have thought of making a movie about an Albino with “super natural” powers, but then again; I ain’t a White person either. Superman is paralyzed, John Wayne and Elvis are dead, niggas like me are discussing White Supremacy… They gotta do somethin.

POWDER is a movie about a White male who has what is commonly known as  Albinism. I suspect most of you have seen an albino and have some knowledge of this condition.  You might wanna check out this site for more information. http://www.albinism.org/  Make sure you read the section on African Americans and Albinism. Notice how much text “They” use to discuss the problems Black people have with Albinos, I found this very interesting. White people trick non white people by using “White” as an adjective when its really a verb. Being White is all about how you function. Right outside FBI headquarters in Washington DC you can purchase sweatshirts and hats  with the letters “FBI” on them, you can put them on and stand on the corner…I’ve done it!; but that don’t make you an FBI agent. Its only when you start draggin criminals out they cars and lockin em up…FUNCTIONING as an FBI agent that you really are one. Don’t be fooled by White people claiming they were “born White”; its just a trick to hide the way they FUNCTION.  In a system of White Supremacy if you ain’t White…your a nigger; that includes Flipper, Lassie and ET and me!(please pardon my digression)

Powder’s mother was struck by lightning and he was born during the operation to save her.  She doesn’t survive and Powder’s dad takes one look at him and rejects him. He is sent to live with his grand parents until they die and this is where the movie really starts. Powder has lived 16 or 17 years in a dark basement with nothing but books; no TV…no radio…no phone…just books, ( yes their is a message there).

Powder is befriended by a social worker who takes him to the state orphanage she runs and it is here that he experiences…you guessed it; RACISM! The White boys mistreat Powder because he is…ahh… White. Now we all know That White people cannot be victims of racism in a system of White Supremacy, but this is what the movie leads you to believe. Francis Welsing is a better person to explain the phenomenon of White people thinking Albinos are “ugly”.  Powder goes to high school and gets shocked during a science experiment. His science teacher (Jeff Goldblume) was discussing the nature of -NRG- and his experiment with a generator goes awry because Powder IS a “charge”… Powder is energy itself.  Powder is embarrassed and tries to run away. He gets caught, takes an IQ test and is taken to find out the results.

“Tha Magic White Boy”:

Powder is taken to meet the state board of education. His IQ is so high they can’t even classify it. One of them even says:”all of your tests indicate that you have the most advanced intellect in the history of humankind”. Powder isn’t impressed at all. he’s tired of being a freak and just wants to “go home”.  Most of the middle of the movie is Powder demonstrating his supernatural powers such as his ability to read people minds and his infinite sadness at being rejected by…you guessed it; White people…they just don’t understand him… nobody knows da trouba I seen…ol man riva he jus keeb movin he doughn say noffin… Oh sorry, please pardon my digression.

When they go camping one of the White boys threatens to shoot him for being an ugly freak (Albino). The town deputy who is chaperoning them shoots a doe and Powder grabs the doe and the deputy and forces him to “feel her pain”; the deputy winds up in the hospital and swears off guns forever, a shocking experience to say the least. Meanwhile, Mr. science teacher is the only person who is aware of just how special this super White boy is. Seems that during the science experiment fiasco in his class, Powder touched him and transmitted some of that special “White boy power” to him. Mr. science teacher now feels ten years younger and can fuck all night. He meets Powder after school to “talk”. Mr science launches into a speech about Einstein, the nature of energy and then tells powder, “you are not just different, you have a mind that we won’t evolve to for thousands of years… you’re maybe the man of the future right here and now”( said tha “Jew” to tha White boy.)

Using his advanced White nervous system, Powder communicates with the sheriffs comatose wife who tells him to bond with their estranged son so she can die in peace. It should be clear to all by this point that what we have here is the magic Negroe syndrome in reverse i.e. John Coffey in The Green Mile. Powder is a “Magic Honkey”, but unlike John Coffey, they make the White boy smart AND wise. Powder drops alot of code throughout the movie; at times I though I was listening to Neely Fuller.

As with any White movie worth being a White movie, the White boy hasta have a love scene. Lindsay is a cute red head that he met in school. he meets her at the town carnival and they talk.  Because Powder can read people minds, Lindsay asks him, “what are people like on the inside?”…Powder answers, “inside most people is a feeling of being separate…separated from everything…and they’re not…they are part of everyone and everything…” What he says is really deep and profound and you really gotta pay attention to this part because I really think he’s talkin bout White folks. I think Powders real problem is that he’s livin on the “wrong side of the tracks” with all the uptight outta touch, spiritually bankrupt, greedy White folks; who think hes a freak of nature! Come on, all you niggers out there know what I’m talkin about. You see a rainbow and you ask a White person: “Who did that?” and they look at you like you killed yo mama!

Powder is suffering from “White people fatigue syndrome” or WFS. He is ready for some Charley Parker…Hendrix…Ravi Shankar. But all they servin is Nsync and Brittney Spears, no wonder he kills him self.


Sorry, I just gave away the end of the movie. Powder is a movie you can watch with your children but they must be supervised. Its a big blast of White Supremacy programming but its coming at you through an emotional filter and non white people are very sensual. If you don’t watch out, your children will end up worshiping White people…that is if they ain’t already.  I think Powders problem is that he’s “beyond White”. White people appear to be satisfied with White Supremacy, it is a limited thinking system; albeit the most powerful one. When I was younger, I wanted to be White, White Supremacy dominated all of my senses…what I saw, what I heard, what I read. In many ways it still does. I was forced to become more than the sum of my senses, forced to listen for the frequency that created me. Thats what the monks in the monastery are doing. Black people can do it too, but first we gotta stop “spinnin”…runnin around on auto pilot, tryin to prove we’re as “good” as White people.

Do your self a favor and aim higher than that.

Maybe When White Supremacy is replaced by Justice we will find out who the “real  niggers” really were.


Josh Wickett






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