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Author: Edward Williams

Counter-Racist Movie Review – Rabbit-Proof Fence

Cover of "Rabbit-Proof Fence"
Cover of Rabbit-Proof Fence

This is a very interesting movie that takes place in Australia in the 1940s and 1950s. The movie is based on a true story that details how white people took non-white people (Aborigines) from their families and attempted to breed them into white people. The movie details the journey of three girls violently taken from their mothers and taken 1200 miles away to campus where white people had the admitted intention of breeding them into white people. White people referred to the children as “half-cast”…meaning non-white. But not must any non-white person…non-white people that are the product of white/non-white sexual intercourse.

The remarkable part of this movie for me was the determination of the oldest of the three girls, Molly, to get back home some 1200 miles away. They walked home. No food…no shoes…barely any clothes…these three little girls knew what should be and did what was necessary to make it happen. They met people along the way, white and non-white, and got the things they needed for the trip from them.

The white people in this movie were “in charge” of all of the non-white people (Aborigines) and they built a fence that went from the north to the south of Australia and from the east to the west of Australia. This was the fence Molly, Gracie, and Daisy followed all the way back home to Jigalong. White people said this fence was erected to separate the people from the rabbits brought over from “Europe” by white people that had gotten “out of control”.

The dialog with Mr. Neville talking to white females and demonstrating in his presentation the necessity and process of not producing “another race” of people and his position was to have the “half-cast”, meaning born of non-white person and white person…meaning non-white, “absorbed” into the white population. He goes on to say how to “breed out” the “Aborigine” (non-white) aspects of the person in less than four generations.

See he never says train the “Aborigine” (non-white people) to function as white people. I suspect what he means by “absorbed into the white population” is that these non-white people (Aborigine) that will be bred to look like white people will still be functional inferiors. Take note of how they are being “trained” and what they are being “trained” to do. If he wanted the “Aborigine to function as a whhite person all he would need to do, I suspect, is to tell them why racism (white supremacy) is practiced and how racism (white supremacy) is practiced.

There is also a tracker that is the darkest non-white male in the movie. Talk about insanity…he has to track down little girls and boys that leave the “camp” and bring them back…even though his daughter is one of the little girls in the “camp”. There is a non-white male in the camp to keep the non-white people in line and even a non-white little girl to keep the other non-white little girls in line. “In line” meaning force them to do what the white people want them to do.

The entire concept of a rabbit-proof fence is the same concept of white supremacy (racism) as a practical construct. Or is it?

I will not spoil the movie for you by telling you how it ends. Go get the DVD or rent it. It is a true story. You will not be disappointed.

For a sneak peek at the movie trailer click this link (Sneak Peek). You’ll need Media Player to view.


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