the long kiss goodnight


A Counter Racist Movie Review

by Josh Wickett

We’ve all seen it before, its near the end of the movie and the “bad guys” are about to kill the “good guys” but before they do it they gotta explain their evil master plan in full detail to these “heroes” who they are about to kill. This cinematic tool is a Hollywood staple that is used to compensate for the difficulty of tying together all the irrelevant scenes and subplots that do nothing more than make a Hollywood movie a..a.. “Hollywood movie.” This 30 second scene is the only reason I’m recommending this movie at all. You hafta wade through two hours of silliness to get to this scene, so only watch it if you got the time.

The Long Kiss Goodnight stars Gina Davis as house wife “Samantha Caine” who suffers from amnesia and has a memory that only goes back 8 years ago. She has retain “Mitch Hennessy” Samuel L. Jackson as the cheap detective/con man to find out who she was in her former life before the amnesia. It turns out that Samantha Caine was/is (you never retire from the agency) a trained assassin for the CIA named “Charley Baltimore” who lost her memory when she fell off a cliff (yeah right…) during a botched CIA attempt on her life. Why the CIA was trying to bump her off, Im not sure. But she was assumed to be dead and that was that.

Fast forward 8 years later and she gets spotted by the CIA and is once again targeted for “liquidation.” The rest of the movie is Gina Davis running from CIA hit men while being driven around by a wise cracking Samuel Jackson. Its basically a “Driving Miss Karate choppin, pistol packin Daisy.” A point that is not lost on Samuel L. Jackson who makes a reference to this annoying turn of events. Numerous shoot outs and fist fights later they both get captured by the CIA and you finally are told what’s really going on.

Davis and Jackson are on their knees in a meat freezer about to be killed. The CIA have rigged a tanker truck full of chemicals to explode in the center of town. In walks the White male director of the CIA, and he says this:

“Congress blinded us over seas, I was forced to turn to any eyes and ears I could find even if that  meant recruiting the quote unquote bad guys”

GINA DAVIS: ” Budget cuts? is that what this is about? operation honeymoon…fuck me!, you’re running a fund raiser”

SAM JACKSON: Fund raiser? (surprised)

CIA DIRECTOR: “1993, World Trade Center bombing, remember? During the trial one of the bombers claimed the CIA had advanced knowledge; (laughing) the diplomat who issued the terrorists visa was CIA, its not unthinkable they paved the way for the bombing, purely to justify a budget increase.”

SAM JACKSON: (surprised) “You’re tellin me that you’re gonna fake some terrorist thing just to scare some money outta congress?”

CIA DIRECTOR: “Well unfortunately Mr. Hennessy I have no idea how to fake killing 4000 people, so we’re just going to hafta do it for real. Oh, blame it on the Muslims naturally, then I’ll get my funding”

During this entire scene there is a “frozen Muslim” (non white person) wrapped in plastic hanging on a meat hook who is remove and taken out to serve as one of the “terrorist” who dies in the blast.

Keep in mind that this movie was made in 1996. After seeing this last scene I fully understood why the movie contained so many ridiculous unbelievable scenes. You are being carefully groomed to disbelieve the only scene in the entire movie that is believable. Are the White Supremacists so secure in their ability to deceive that they can actually broadcast their future plans? Racism is the most powerful political force in the universe. All persons in the known universe are either practicing it or reacting to the practice of it. If you’re like me (non white) you are reacting to it. The White people who choose to practice White Supremacy are collectively the smartest most powerful people in the universe and they GET THINGS DONE! Even if it means making it look like someone else did it.

Stranger things have happened before. The Nazi’s burned down the Riechstag and blamed the communist and you believed that. Susan Smith drowned her children and blamed a nigger and you believed that. The World Trade Center is destroyed, 4000 people are dead are you are being encouraged to blame the “Muslims.”

Do you believe that?

I was surprised when the Twin Towers were hit, but not as surprised as a “highjacker” who is unaware he is on a “suicide mission.” They may have been as surprised as you were. Or they may have never realized what “hit them.”


Josh Wickett


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