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A Counter Racist Movie Review

by Josh Wickett

Cover of "They Live"
Cover of They Live

“You’re crazy”…”I don’t wanna hear that Black shit”…”stop playing the race card!”…


We’ve all heard it before, people both White and non white  who are unable or unwilling to acknowledge the existence of a supreme  worldwide system of mistreatment based on color—White Supremacy.What accounts for this phenomenon and how can it be countered?

Racist Man and Racist Woman have two main tools, deception and direct violence. Deception is the one they use  most, its only when they can no longer fool you that they will come at you with direct violence; shoot you, bomb you, gas you…KILL YOU! They have proven smart enough and powerful enough to do this.


How to counter deception?


Through the revelation of truth. that’s really the only tool you have; The problem is that in a world dominated by lies and falsehood, most people are allergic to it, they just aren’t used to it, not to mention the great fear non white people have of the White Supremacists. Therefore, counter racist scientist sometimes hafta be creative in how they reveal truth to VORs.


THEY LIVE is a movie that serves as a pretty good model for how the system of White Supremacy works. At the beginning of the movie “aliens” have taken over the entire planet by disguising themselves as humans and training the humans to be niggers…training the humans to practice limited thinking, stingy thinking, thinking in a box…niggardly thinking. They do this in the movie through the use of an electronic signals and subliminal messages  on everything you see. These messages say things like: do not think… consume…obey…reproduce… The only people aware  of the aliens are a small group of scientist who occasionally hack into the signal and try to warn people; they have also produced “sunglasses” that allow a user to actually see the aliens, sorta like x-ray vision. The main character is a White man “Buck” who  is down and out looking for work, he meets a Black male “Frank” on a construction site and they kinda become buddies. As usual under White Supremacy, they make Frank the “classic nigger”  he complains about how bad things are but doesn’t wanna do anything about it. He has absolutely no curiosity about anything. Meanwhile the White male “Buck” is watching everything and saying very little. Buck finds a pair of the sunglasses in a little church and  and becomes aware of the presence of these aliens and their system of niggerization. The glasses allow him to see not only the “big brother” messages plastered all over town but the aliens themselves. Without the glasses the aliens appear to be normal White people but with the glasses on everything  appears black and white and the aliens have these acid burned skull faces.


I found out about this movie from a racist movie review that said the aliens represented “Jews” this may or may not be a valid point but since as Hitler charged in Mien Kampf that Jews are impersonating White people, we don’t even hafta go there; whatever Jews are doing to White people, they ain’t doin it as niggers! A racist suspect is a racist suspect, don’t be fooled by a yarmulke, anal sex, or breast implants. Any White person who knows they are White in a system of White Supremacy is a RACIST SUSPECT. (please pardon my digression).


Anyway Buck, now fully aware of the alien stranglehold on the planet, is face with the same dilemma the counter racist scientist is faced with; whatcha gonna do? People are being mistreated and not only are they unaware of it, they don’t know who’s doing it. Buck kills a few aliens and is now on the run, he contacts the Black male “Frank” and tries to show him the system the aliens have set up. Once again you are seeing how a White person and a Black person can watch the same movie at the same time and each be taught different behavior. Throughout this movie the Blk male is in “head scratchin mode” not only is he portrayed as constantly confused, but when given the opportunity to learn something he refuses cause “I don’t want no trouble”.meanwhile the White man is constantly curious and observant. See what I mean? Blk people are taught how to be niggers by watching the characters white people create.


What follows is a very long ridiculous fight scene between Buck and Frank culminating in the Black male finally putting on the glasses and seeing the aliens and their system, now they are “buddies”, the fight scene is real cheap, fast forward if you can. Buck and Frank meet up with one of the members of the “resistance”, who invites them to a “counter alien” meeting where strategy is being plotted. But the meeting has been infiltrated and the cops raid it and kill a lot of the members. This is a great scene because it demonstrates the utility of the independent part of the United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept.  There is no secret safe place where victims of racism can sit down and plot the destruction of White Supremacy, there no such thing as a “Black secret”, if 2 niggers know something…it ain’t a secret anymore.


Buck and Frank survive the raid by escaping underground into the “alien pentagon”, a self contained city where the aliens plot strategy and produce their mind controlling propaganda. They bump into an “uncle tom human”  at a coon sellout awards ceremony for humans. Its a very interesting scene because the Uncle tom human just assumes that Frank and Buck are there to join the system; I suspect much the same way White people assume other White people they meet are in agreement with the practice of racism.  Frank and Buck proceed to destroy this place which results in the thought control radio beam shutting down. When this happens, all the humans can see the aliens for the first time and their propaganda.



That’s basically it. THEY LIVE is a low budget movie but it has a good plot.  White Supremacists  are a small group of people who control their victims thinking through words and images and like the aliens, they are “hiding in plain sight”. Words produce thoughts and thoughts produce actions. If you control words you can control what people do. I have included an example of how White Supremacists use words to create perceptions click on the link—White noise


Most non white people serve White Supremacy because they lack a the word/concept to describe a better system; but I have one…Justice

The current system of mistreatment based on color [racism]  should be replaced with a better system. It should be replace with a system of Justice; a system in which no person is mistreated and the person who needs the most help gets the most help. Many White people have problems with this definition of Justice, using Darwinian logic they claim that smart people are justified in mistreating not so smart people (niggers) because they are smarter. They claim its just an “unfortunate” situation. Yeah its unfortunate when a pedophile deceives your 5 year old daughter by CONvincing her to help him find his “puppy”…raped and strangled…yeah, she should have been smarter right? Its just “unfortunate” right?


No person should be mistreated for any reason including children and niggers like myself who aren’t very smart. When Justice is produce there will be peace and when there is peace you won’t be reading stuff like this and I won’t be writing it.


We will all finally be able to do what we wanna do and not what we hafta do.


I’ll be  growing cucumbers, what will you be doing?


Josh Wickett





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