black female headteacher headbutted, hair pulled, called a ‘fucking black cunt’ by white students


A black headteacher was headbutted, had her hair pulled and was racially abused by a teenage girl when two pupils went ‘out of control’.

The 15-year-old called Alice Gabbidon a ‘fucking black cunt’ and also made ‘monkey noises‘, including ‘woo ooh’ noises like a chimp, Exeter Youth Court heard.

Prosecutors said the girl headbutted her and trashed her office at the Devon school after arming herself with a piece of wood – although this was not used in the attack.

The 15-year-old called Alice Gabbidon a 'f***ing black c***' and also made 'monkey noises', including 'woo ooh' noises like a chimp, Exeter Youth Court heard.

 The 15-year-old called Alice Gabbidon a ‘fucking black cunt’ and also made ‘monkey noises’, including ‘woo ooh’ noises like a chimp, Exeter Youth Court heard (pictured)

An 11-year-old boy and the girl also soaked staff with water bombs and squirted washing up liquid into the eyes of a staff member.

The boy, from Llanelli, Wales, denied assaulting Miss Gabbidon, and the girl, now living in Bridgwater, Somerset, denied racially aggravated common assault.

However, today, both were found guilty of the offences.

Prosecutor Beth Heaton said: ‘Two young people were out of control that day.

‘They had to be restrained on a number of occasions by various members of staff. They caused damage to the property and physically assaulted one of the staff over the course of a few hours.

‘There is no dispute between the prosecution and defence that their behaviour was disorderly that day.’

Miss Heaton told the court that the school in Dunkeswell, east Devon – which has now shut due to funding issues – catered for a small number of problem children and some bad behaviour was commonplace.

She said Miss Gabbidon did not use excessive force to restrain the two defendants.

Miss Heaton said the pair were disruptive when they arrived at school that day because they had been caught smoking in the toilets two days earlier and again on the day of the attack.

She said the boy squirted the soap into a staff member’s eyes leaving them feeling sore.

The girl, armed with the wood, then headbutted Miss Gabbidon before going into her office and trashing it.

During another struggle the girl pulled her hair and called her a racist name.

Miss Gabbidon said in her evidence that the girl had called her names and racially abused her before but ‘I just ignored it’.

She claimed the girl made ‘monkey noises’ at her and she expelled her for a short time.

She said the boy was ‘a follower more than a leader’.

Defence lawyer Warren Robinson said there was a dysfunctional relationship between the school’s management, headteacher and children.

The bench said the boy’s actions were reckless as they found him guilty of assault.

The JPs ruled the girl was guilty of racially aggravated assault in the incident which they described as ‘total chaos over a long period’.

The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will be sentenced at a later date.

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