French Canadians From Quebec Arrested In A Child Porn Sting | Cynical Afrikan


Quebec provincial law enforcement have arrested 28 pedophiles on various sexual exploitation charges including possession, distribution and production of child pornography.

The Sûreté Quebec led Operation Mainmise between June and October 2013 with the cooperation of local law enforcement forces from across Quebec. The arrests took place between Nov. 18-21 across the province.

Officers from the Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Laval, Longueuil,Saguenay, Sherbrooke, LévisTrois-Rivières, Terrebonne, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Saint-Jérôme law enforcement forces assisted in the operation.

The SQ revealed its findings at a news conference this morning at its Montreal headquarters.

Only one victim has been identified so far in this investigation — a five-year-old boy — but authorities said there could be up to 40 victims.

Since the creation of a dedicated internet child pornography unit in 2003, the SQ has arrested 250 “white” people in Quebec.

Law enforcement officials said there is no link so far between the suspects, since there is no evidence the sexual terrorists shared the same online files. However, the SQ said investigators are working on leads that may connect these  honks.

The “white” degenerates who were arrested range in age from 21 to 68 years of age, and come from different backgrounds and occupations, some of which involve working with children.

Notice how every single one of them is “white”? To be expected…

Pedophilia is a “white” culture period.

By the way these french KKKanadians call children: “Les petits culs” which translates to “small asses”.

That right there reveals what it means to be a “white” person creature.

French Canadians From Quebec Arrested In A Child Porn Sting | Cynical Afrikan.

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8 Shocking Facts From the ACLU’z Report on Life Without Parole | Moorbey’z Blog

Inmates are escorted by a guard through San Quentin state prison in San Quentin, Calif., on June 8, 2012.

Lucy Nicholson / REUTERS

Inmates are escorted by a guard through San  Quentin state prison in San Quentin, Calif., on June 8,  2012.

A sentence of life in prison without the possibility parole seems like it  would be a punishment reserved only for the most heinous criminals, those deemed  unfit for reintroduction into society. That’s not always the case, according to  a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union, which advocates for more  lenient sentencing.

The cases documented in A Living Death are not necessarily typical, and  many are the result of mandatory minimum sentencing laws, not the  discretion of a judge or jury. But some of the stories of the 3,278  people the ACLU counts serving life without parole in federal prisons and the  nine states that provided them with data are nonetheless shocking.

The number of U.S. prisoners who received life sentences  without parole quadrupled between 1992 and 2012.

More than 18 percent of nonviolent offenders serving life  without parole in the federal system are in for their first offense.

Lance Saltzman, of Florida, removed a gun from his home that  belonged to an abusive stepfather who had used the weapon to threaten his mother  repeatedly, he said. He was convicted of armed burglary and, due to a previous  burglary conviction when he was 16, sentenced to mandatory life without  parole.

In the state of Illinois, a black person is 33.25 times more  likely than a white person to be sentenced to life without parole for a  non-violent crime.

Clarence Aaron, a college student with no prior criminal  record, was given three life-without-parole sentences for his minor role in two  planned large drug deals, one of which never took place. He received longer  sentences than his co-conspirators and has spent the past 20 years in  prison.

Black prisoners comprise 91.4 percent of the non-violent  life-without-parole population in the state of Louisiana.

Vincent Winslow was homeless when he acted as a  go-between in the sale of two $10 bags of marijuana to an undercover cop. The  seller was not arrested. Based on decade old drug possession conviction and  unarmed burglaries committed 14 and 24 years earlier, Winslow was sentenced to  life without parole.

The crimes for which people have been sentenced to life  without parole (when combined with prior convictions) include stealing: small  change from a parked car, a pair of socks, nine children’s videotapes, a pair of  work gloves from a department store, a leaf blower, three golf clubs, chocolate  chip cookies and a slice of pizza.

Read the full report here.

8 Shocking Facts From the ACLU’z Report on Life Without Parole | Moorbey’z Blog.


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white fetish club ‘slave master’ convicted of animal porn charges and sexual activity in front of a child – Mirror Online


A “slave master” who runs an adult fetish club has been convicted of possession of extreme pornography and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

Brian Thornhill, 59, said to have an “enthusiasm for bondage and bestiality”, was found guilty on 11 counts on Monday following a six-day trial.

Jurors at Guildford Crown Court were told how he flogged and paddled “slave” women in the presence of a young boy, the Surrey Advertiser reported.

Thornhill, of Lagham Road, South Godstone, Surrey, denied it, saying: “There was never any [sexual] interaction with slaves or submissives when children were around.”

The court heard Thornhill was arrested after a photograph was spotted online featuring him, a naked woman in BDSM (bondage discipline and sadomasochism) chains and a young boy.

When police searched his home they found a number of images and videos of extreme pornography, some featuring animals and women.

Some images also showed the defendant and his own pet dog, the jury was told, but Thornhill said: “I have never made any attempt to stop it because I enjoy it and he enjoys it.”


However, he denied any knowledge of a CD containing pornographic images of women and animals having sex on it, claiming that a computer engineer who often gave him discs with software on had given it to him.

He was found guilty on five counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and six of possession of extreme pornographic images and videos.

Thornhill was released on bail until a sentencing hearing on December 2.

Adult fetish club ‘slave master’ convicted of animal porn charges and sexual activity in front of a child – Mirror Online.


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