Gus T. Renegade: #RenishaMcBride: #YesAllWomen?

After [her] boys disappeared, Mrs Glenda Moore knocked on a nearby door for help but was told: ‘I don’t know you. I’m not going to help you.’ Mrs Moore then tried another neighbor near her Staten Island home, but when she rang the bell they turned off the lights and refused to answer. Her cousin Nancy Jean, 41, fought back tears as she described the ordeal. ‘I can’t believe the way she was treated by the [Whites] she went to for help.

Mrs. Glenda Moore wasn’t drunk. She wasn’t high. She isn’t a prostitute. She’s a married black mother of two boys who were allowed to drown during the 2012 ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Her White neighbors rejected her maternal pleas, branded her a potential looter, thug.

I’m sure Renisha McBride’s family and friends wish she had received the same deaf ear; it seems likely that if Theodore Wafer had ignored her, she might still be alive. But his White manhood could not tolerate withdrawal from confrontation. 

The summer of 2014 has seen a chorus of chatter on the problem of black masculinity. Ray Rice displaced O.J. Simpson as the embodiment of domestic abuse. White females were the vanguard in the effort to neuter and suspend Stephen A. Smith for suggesting that Rice and other male abusers might be provoked to violence. Former News 12 New Jersey reporter Sean Berginproclaimed that the infinite pathologies plaguing black people are the result of shiftless black fathers. There have even been a sizable number of reports chastising black males’ negligible interest in the murder trial of Renisha McBride in comparison to the historic and ongoing allure of Trayvon Martin.

Black males have much room for improvement. Domestic abuse is indefensible. But most black males’ – non-white males and females globally – current concept of what a man is, what a man does, is based on our understanding and experience with the likes of Theodore Wafer, The Man.

I then examined certain other specific patterns of language used by Black males within the white supremacy culture. To begin with, Black males in particular, but also black females, refer to the white male as “The Man.” Once this term “The Man” is thought or uttered, the brain computes that… the white male is “The Man,” meaning logically “The onlyMan”… (Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, The Isis Paperspg. 120)

White Jesus, John Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Superman, Elvis Presley or Theodore Wafer. Biblical or fictitious, gun-toting or hip-shaking, these White prototypes of manhood fortify White Supremacy and have contaminated the thoughts and behaviors of millions of black males.

Wafer also admits he was mad when he grabbed his shotgun that was in a closet, saying he didn’t want to “cower” in his home and wasn’t going to be a victim.

President Barack Obama has been chided for nearly two full terms for shrinking from conflict, not being aggressive, man enough for the White House. He wasn’t sufficiently angry in responding to the 2010 BP oil spill. He demonstrated “incompetence” and “ineptitude” as heslunk away from the hostilities in SyriaSen. John McCainand a host of others have denounced him as a weakling for his handling of the conflict in GazaPresident Vladimir Putin and the non-white children leap-frogging the southern border.

The criticisms suggest that many Whites would prefer if the commander and chief were more like Dearborn Heights’ own, Theodore Wafer. Our leader should look forward to the of sting battle. Wafer didn’t waste time to locate his phone to solicit assistance, and he refused to be intimidated on his own property. He flexed his second amendment right to carry a big stick and invited Renisha McBride to make his day. McBride provoked him, “crossed the line” by descending unidentified upon his residence; his White manhood demanded maximum, lethal retaliation.

During cross examination, assistant prosecutor Athina Siringas said Wafer never told officers he was scared until they asked. “I had a lot of emotions, fear, panicking,” Wafer said. “I guess in front of a cop I didn’t want to come across as less of a man.”

Wafer has just ended the life of an unarmed nineteen-year-old female. Blasted bits of her head across his lawn. Yet his focus is on projecting the appropriate image of unflinching White masculinity.

Wafer’s tear ducts worked overtime during his first day on the witness stand, but minutes after wiping McBride off the earth, he shed no tears. He informed officers that he was full of “piss and vinegar” and wanted to brandish his firearm to whom ever happened to be knocking at his door.

This is ethos of White masculinity. Wafer, Anthony Cumia, and Chicago’s David Nicosia are contemporary manifestations of this barbaric tradition.

Nicosia told Judge Arnette Hubbard he wanted her to stop smoking outside a Chicago courthouse. The attorney says Nicosia called the 79-year-old judge “Rosa Parks” and spat in her face. A county sheriff’s spokeswoman said 55-year-old Nicosia walked away but Hubbard followed and confronted him. She said Nicosia spit on Hubbard again before slapping the judge’s face.

White men are not to retreat or endure the impudence of a black female at any time – especially not at the ungodly hour of four in the morning. Any amount of physical force is justified – perhaps mandatory – to remind an uncouth or sassy negress like McBride or Dr. Ersula Ore that they are to always remember their place and never challenge the patriarch of White Supremacy.

But we could not have a global System of White Terrorism without the White matriarch.

All this got me thinking about privilege-denying, white supremacist-backing white women, and the tyranny they can cause when they don’t get their way. These women like to have it both ways: sit upon their pedestal and look down with resentment upon people of color and, when it suits them, jump off their pedestal and claim that if we dismantle sexism, other forms of oppression will crumble. These same women will decry the persistence of sexism/misogyny, but deny they are complicit in white [supremacy] that oppresses people of color on a totally different level… 


White Women have demonstrated immense power over the last year. They rallied around Texas State SenatorWendy Davis and have her poised to challenge for governorship. They were integral in weaving the false narrative about Isla Vista suspected murderer Elliot Rodger; the #YesAllWomen campaign reduced him to a vessel of misogyny and undiluted evil. They used the firing of former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson to insist that their oppression is on par with Harriet Jacobs and other oppressed non-whites.

White women were a critical component in the Trayvon Martin murder trial, and they are equally pivotal in the McBride murder case; the judge, and defense attorney are both White females in McBride’s trial – two of the jurors are as well.

Where were these pale allies when Rachel Jeantel was being lampooned and blamed during the court case of 2013? Where were our melanin deficient sisters when First Lady Michele Obama was being heckled by a White female member of Code Pink? Where have they been for the duration of the Renisha McBride proceedings? Does #YesAllWomen include melanin dominant females?

“The sound in the front was louder than the sound on the side and there was something slapping the window,” he said. “The floor was vibrating from the banging on the doors.”

An overworked White Supremacist trope is that black people are superhuman creatures, capable of extraordinary feats of physical force. Black females are habitually lauded for being reservoirs of strength, incapable of submission. Consequently, they’re most often denied the delicacy and fragility that White females elicit reflexively. According to Mr. Wafer, McBride was fixin’ to huff and puff and blow his house away. Of course he had no recourse; he had to defend his property and life and annihilating a black female it was an indispensable part of that process.

Prosecutors then played a video of Wafer being questioned by an investigator at the police department, where he sips on something they’ve given him to drink and does not appear to be emotional. Police told him the person he shot and killed was young. And, at times, Wafer refers to the person he shot as “IT.”

It. Ain’t I a human? Absolutely not. One would think our White sisters in arms would be equally appalled by this commentary and attacking Wafer with the same conviction and venom they aimed at Stephen A. Smith. White feminists have been mum on McBride. A teenage black female talked about as an inanimate object. A thing. “It.” A hefty number of Whites would not permit a fetus to be described in such terms.

Numerous witnesses have testified over the course of the trial that a mere $56 dollars had been recovered from Renisha’s body. On the audio recording, however, police officers can be heard noting that a $100 bill had been found on her person, leading to one officer responding “No kidding?” This in turn led to a discussion on the officers’ part as to whether McBride had been working as a prostitute and had been seeking to collect money owed.

Michelle Beadle where are you? Sandra Fluke where are you? Calling any and all White feminists. Just because a black female has a Franklin in her pocket, she’s a whore? President Obama proudly penned the Lilly Ledbetter Act in 2009. Why not pay it forward in supporting an unarmed, black, teenage female gunned down and suspected of being a hooker? #YesAllWomen declared that this sexist world cultivates exploitation and violence against woman with token punishments if any. Why hasn’t McBride’s murder and subsequent verbal demeaning produced indignant White feminist comrades?

Where has justice gone when we can’t protect ourselves or our property? What message is our “justice” system sending? The jurors just gave permission to [Breaking and Entering] to every thugout there. So sad.

This is Racist Suspect Michelle Roose Walter’s response to Theodore Wafer being found guilty of second degree murder for McBride’s death. Walter sounds like a kindred spirit of Charlton Heston, former NRA President and star of Planet of The Apes. In the Context of White Supremacy, termination of black life is always supposed to be a rational, just and non-punishable act. White life, White property and White rule are infinitely, eternally superior to a billion Renisha McBride’s or Glenda Moore’s.

Syreeta McFadden remarked, “Only in America can a dead black [teen] go on trial for his [or her] own murder.” Under the System of White Supremacy, the injustice is that Trayvon Martin and McBride can’t be exhumed and convicted for being black and likely thugs.

Gus T. Renegade: #RenishaMcBride: #YesAllWomen?.

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Whitewashed: The NY Times Writes About Elliot Rodger’s Mental Health. Mentions of Racism? Zero


Tue Jun 03, 2014 at 10:52 AM PDT


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I have written a series of essays about Elliot Rodgers.

In the 24/7 news cycle, topics are treated with drive-by grace: they are discussed briefly and then the next “if it bleeds it leads” subject is the object of focus.

I have continued to write about Elliot Rodger because his murder spree is a concentrated example of so much that is wrong with American society: gun culture, consumerism, racism, woman-hating, crude sexuality as power without an appreciation for the erotic, White Supremacy, broken masculinity, a failed mental health system, and white privilege are channeled through his tortured life and gross actions.

There is a satisfaction that comes with “connecting the dots” about an issue of public concern in a way that garners acknowledgement and affirmation from the public and those in the pundit classes.

However, there is also a sickening sadness that comes with being correct about the nature of an event–how White Supremacy and whiteness hurts white people and others–that had death and destruction as a result.

Here, I wrote about how the mainstream media has, quite literally, white washed the Elliot Rodger saga, subsequently ignoring his manifesto, to remove any reference to how White Supremacy and internalized racism were major factors in his murder rampage.

My observation has been echoed and built upon by several other writers (most notably a recent piece in Al Jazeera by Dexter Thomas). Nevertheless, it remains an outlier opinion.

As evidence of how our discussions of the role that internalized white racism played in Elliot Rodger’s murder spree, and the mainstream media’s gross neglect in discussing such an obvious fact, I point to the NY Times’ piece “Before Brief, Deadly Spree, Trouble Since 8”.

There, the authors offer a rich and compelling narrative about Elliot Rodger’s mental health issues that led to his killing six people near Santa Barbara, California.

How many times is racism or internalized White Supremacy mentioned in the Times’ recent story? Zero.

Moreover, the photo accompanying The NY Times’s story features a picture of Elliot Rodger, as a child, with his hair dyed blonde. Rodger’s hair color is presented as a curious fact, one unmoored from the larger context of his life, and the decision to kill people in a misogynistic and racist rage that he wrote extensively about in his diary.

Elliot Rodger desperately wanted to be a “fully white” man. As he detailed in his manifesto, he both idealized and idolized Whiteness.

And as he wrote in his manifesto, Elliot Rodger’s decision, with parental consent, to change his hair color to “look less Asian” is dead center in the mania that drove a self-hating white Asian to kill.

The mainstream American news media reproduces the white racial frame and the White Gaze. In addition, the American news media also helps to socialize citizens into a set of values about “appropriate” values and beliefs about the nature of social reality.

The decision makers in the American news media are also overwhelmingly white and male.

As a fact, this is not necessarily a problem. However, to the degree that such an arrangement results in a narrow, distorted, and myopic view of social reality which reinforces Whiteness and White Supremacy, those demographics can be extremely dangerous to the Truth.

Was there a pitch meeting where the role of racism and White Supremacy in the context of Elliot Rodger’s murder spree was discussed and then discarded? Who knows? In the writing of “Before Brief, Deadly Spree, Trouble Since 8”, did a junior editor point out the obvious contradiction and question posed by a picture of a self-hating Elliot Rodger with blonde hair and a story which does not mention his internalized racism? I am unsure.

The famous sociolinguist Noam Chomsky has written extensively and persuasively about how the mainstream media’s coverage of events is constrained within a narrow set of rules and scripts about what is considered “appropriate” for the public discourse. These rules do not need to be discussed in order to be acted upon. They exist, are understood to be real, and like many manifestations of Power, make themselves known by virtue of the consequences felt by those individuals who dare to bend or break them.

In the post civil rights era, a moment when a black man is President of the United States of America, it is acceptable for the mass media to discuss incidents of gross and ugly racism. On some occasions, a smart and especially talented journalist can find a way to sneak a discussion of institutional racism into the public discourse: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent piece about the crimes committed against black Americans by their own country is one such example.

Yet, to talk in an honest and direct fashion about the role of race, White Supremacy, and aggrieved white male entitlement in mass gun violence remains outside of the boundaries of what constitutes “polite” public discourse.

I would like to be able to laugh as I watch American opinion makers avoid discussing the influence of internalized White Supremacy and racism in Elliot Rodger’s wicked and evil behavior. In all, they are avoiding the role of white racism in Elliot Rodger’s behavior almost like it is a hot rivet that has fallen down the back of their shirts while innocently walking past a construction site manned by buffoons.

In avoiding the fact of White Supremacy’s relationship to Elliot Rodger, the mass media is offering up a racialized version of classic comedy routines by The Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy.

I want so very much to laugh. I cannot. Why?

I am concerned and worried about the mental and spiritual well-being of my white brothers and sisters and how White Supremacy does so much harm to too many of them. In that sentiment, I am like most black and brown Americans; I am their best friend because I am willing to tell them the truth when others are not.

Once more and again, what is The NY Times, and the supposedly “liberal” media, afraid of in their reporting about Elliot Rodger? Why are they running away from the role that White Supremacy and internalized racism played in his deeds?

Whitewashed: The NY Times Writes About Elliot Rodger’s Mental Health. Mentions of Racism? Zero.

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Author, activist, actress, teacher, mother and Victim of White Supremacy Dr. Maya Angelou died this week at the age of 86. During the 911 call to obtain medical treatment for her, Racist Suspect John Ruckh can be heard complaining about Dr. Angelou’s pal Oprah Winfrey having the audacity to allege that Racism continues to be a problem. Mississippi Judge Bill Weisenberger is reported to have physically assaulted a mentally disabled black male and shouted, “Run, Nigger, Run!” Speaking of mentally disabled, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been declared mentally unfit and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. In the meantime the franchise is the final stages of being sold for a whopping $2 billion! Maybe Gus is a bit mentally defective as well, but it seems Whites are far more aggrieved about Dr. Dre netting $3 billion in his transaction with Apple. N.W.B. – Niggers With Billions – ain’t quite as catchy. And Gus is right certain Elliot Rodger was not accepted as White – which led to rampage.

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