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The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Dr. Frances Cress Welsing for the 22nd time. We’ll review suspected killer Elliot Rodger. Dr. Welsing quickly surmised that Mr. Rodger was not accepted as White. The manifesto attributed to him reveals his years of anguish and fury about being rejected by Whites. We’ll ask what this tragedy reveals about the System of White Supremacy – especially considering that most of Rodgers victims were non-white. We’ll also inquire about black people’s fear of Whites; many black people loudly proclaim that no White person on earth strikes fear in their heart. We’ll also get her thoughts on the transition of Dr. Maya Angelou.

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excerpt from “The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors” by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (pages 255 – 258)



“Because Blacks and other non-white people have failed to understand racism as white genetic survival, they erroneously have believed that they could be integrated into the white supremacy system and that they could depend upon whites to maximally develop Black infants, children and youth in the same manner that white people promote the maximal development of white infants, children and youth.  Blacks and other non-white have failed to understand that if white people were to do this, it would mean active white participation in white genocide.  Black people must master this perception of racism (local and global) as a war for white genetic survival, a system into which non-white people never can be integrated.


Under the stress of white supremacy, numerous offspring prevent the possibility of adequately meeting the needs of each individual child, as each child crowds out the opportunity for emotional nurture of the others.  The crowding prevents high level psycho-social development from taking place.  The promotion and insurance of failed psycho-social development is the process of inferiorization, which in turn promotes and ensures local and global white genetic survival.

What then is to be done?  What short- and long-range strategies and tactics do Blacks need to employ in order to neutralize the ongoing white supremacy thrust for white genetic survival, which is achieved through   Black infant, child and youth inferiorization?  As an initial response to integration and face the difficult reality that most Black people prefer to ignore: you do not win a chess game if you have no knowledge of the exact objective and rules of the game.  It is imperative that all Black people understand they are not in a benign environment of benevolence and support, and that the surrounding highly structures environment is deadly; a very specific warfare is being waged against Black and other people classified as non-white in this social system.  Further, all must understand that the specific war is racism for the purpose of white genetic survival – by any and all necessary means, inclusive of chemical and biological warfare.  (Chemical warfare is designer drugs, such as crack and PCP.  Biological warfare entails the production of cultural and ethnic organisms in viruses such as AIDS.)


Additionally, Black people must recognize the following points:

1)    The war of white genetic survival achieves a major effect through inferiorization or failed psycho-social development, creating dependency, negative self-image, negative self-concept and vulnerability.

2)    The war of white genetic survival attacks the functioning of Blacks in general, but most specifically attacks the Black male, as it is the Black male who most specifically threatens white genetic survival at a level the Black female is unable to approach.

3)    Blacks must learn to counter the thrust of white supremacy and Black inferiorization effectively.

4)    Blacks must discuss openly those means by which Black male infants, children and youth can be supported and developed maximally in order to counter the attack of white supremacy on Black male development and functioning.

5)    Black male infants, children and youth need their fathers constantly present to support the behavior and identity of Black male children.  And, because of the historic removal of Black fathers from homes, classes are needed to promote high-level functioning of Black males in their roles as fathers.

6)    The white supremacy attack upon the Black male causes a collapse of Black family life and a distortion in the role of the Black female.  This, in turn, causes a distortion and collapse of the support system for Black infants, children and youth, thereby beginning the process of inferiorization.

7)    Black must think about and openly discuss, not how to beg white people to stop racism (because white people will have to continue their efforts for white genetic survival), but instead, how Black people can organize their own behavior on an ongoing basis, specifically to neutralize white supremacy and its impact on the development of Black offspring.

8)    It is futile to beg white people to give grants and funds to foster the maximal development of Black people.  To do so is to ask white people to commit white genocide.

9)    Blacks must be able to discuss openly the logical necessity for Black inferiorization in whites’ struggle for white genetic survival.

10) The singing of “We Shall Overcome” will not combat white supremacy or Black inferiorization any more than singing any song will help to solve a problem in medicine or physics.

11) Immature and overwhelmed fathers and mothers cannot promote psycho-social development and counter Black inferiorization in the next generation.

12) Single female teenagers cannot promote psycho-social development in male or female offspring.  And, most certainly, they cannot develop male offspring.  They only can prepare these male offspring to spend their lives in penal institutions, while preparing their own daughters to become teenage mothers.

13) No Black female should become a mother before 30 years of age.  No Black male should become a father before 35 years of age.  Each Black family should have no more than two children, no closer together than three years apart.  And, both Black males and females should, at a minimum, complete high school and become fully self-sufficient before marriage and parenthood.  These structures are specifically for the purpose of countering the thrust for Black inferiorization and failed psycho-social development, under the conditions of white supremacy.

14) Maximal development of the collective Black genetic and constitutional potential will take place by the efforts of Black people alone – through their knowledge, understanding and behavior.

It is my hope that eventually every Black person in the healing profession will master an understanding of the etiologic chain that leads to Black inferiorization.  Furthermore, it clearly would be to the benefit of Black people if Black professionals, in their efforts of healing, pass on this knowledge to their Black patients – enabling the patients to neutralize the impact of white supremacy on their lives and achieve a development of their Black genetic and constitutional potential, second to none.”


excerpt from “The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors” by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (pages 255 – 258).


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The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In on 12/15/12 at Saturday, December 15th 9:00PM Eastern/ 6:00PM Pacific

The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 12/15/12

The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly Compensatory Call-In. We encourage non-white listeners to dial in with their codified concepts, new terms, observations, research conclusions, workplace problems or triumphs, and/or suggestions on how best to Replace White Supremacy With Justice immediately. We’ll use these sessions to refine our use of words as weapons to reveal truth, neutralize White people. We’ll review news reports from the past seven days and encourage non-white listeners exchange views constructively. We’ll be abstaining from the 8th area of people activity, but that should leave ample time for other aspects of White Terrorism. It’s been reported that a White man killed more then 20 people in a Connecticut elementary school on Friday morning. As Racism is War, Gus will be devoting little time – ZERO TEARS – to any of the White folks who got shot.

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the C.O.W.S. with Dr Kamau Kambon part 2 – YouTube

Hosted by: Gus T Renegade
Title: the C.O.W.S. with Dr Kamau Kambon part 2
Date: 10/09/2011

Episode Notes: Dr. Kamau Kambon returns to The Context of White Supremacy. Dr. Kambon will discuss the idea that being unfocused is a form of death. He asserts that for a black female or black male to fail to be on Their Assignment, can only result in self-destruction. He states succinctly: Black people are addicted to sweets; and White people have made Death sweet.

The C.O.W.S. archives:
CALL IN NUMBER: 760.569.7676 CODE 564943#
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the C.O.W.S. with Dr Kamau Kambon part 2 – YouTube.

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Activist teacher alleges police brutality during Calif. Occupy protest –

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 9 (UPI) — An activist California college teacher filed a federal lawsuit, alleging Oakland police roughed him up during an Occupy protest, court records show.

In his civil rights suit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Robert Ovetz, 35, of Woodacre alleges he was thrown to the ground and hit twice with a baton by police during a Jan. 28 Occupy protest, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday.

A police statement alleged Ovetz had a bicycle he lifted up as if ready to throw it at officers and later waved his arms and hands in officers’ faces.

His arrest was recorded on video and posted on YouTube. The Chronicle said the video shows Ovetz was not resisting physically or verbally when city police officer Ercivan Martin struck him on the abdomen and back with a baton.

Ovetz was held for three days on suspicion of felony assault on a police officer, among other alleged crimes.

Alameda County prosecutors dismissed the case June 22.

Ovetz’s lawsuit, which names Martin, police Chief Howard Jordan, two other officers and the city of Oakland as defendants, says Ovetz did not resist, and that he was the victim of excessive force, false arrest, and assault and battery.

Matthew Siroka, Ovetz’s lawyer, said Ovetz, who has taught sociology and other subjects at Canada College in Redwood City and College of Marin in Kentfield, was at the protest to gather research for a book on why protest movements have become violent.

via Activist teacher alleges police brutality during Calif. Occupy protest –

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