Haitian migrant boat capsizes, dozens feared dead | Al Jazeera America

A group of Haitian migrants sit on the hull of a capsized sailboat near Staniel Cay, Bahamas on Tuesday.
US Coast Guard/AP

A sailboat passing through the southern Bahamas islands with about 150 Haitian migrants on board capsized after running aground, killing up to 30 people and leaving the rest clinging to the vessel for hours, authorities said Tuesday.

The exact death toll remained uncertain. Authorities on the scene confirmed at least 20 dead and determined the number could reach 30 based on accounts from survivors, said Lt. Origin Deleveaux, a Royal Bahamas Defense Force spokesman.

The remains of five victims had been recovered and the Bahamas military and police were working with the US Coast Guard to recover additional bodies as they pulled survivors from the stranded sailboat.

“Right now, we are just trying to recover as many bodies as we possibly can,” Deleveaux said.

Authorities believe the migrants had been at sea for eight to nine days with limited food and water and no life jackets, Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Gabe Somma said. Many were severely dehydrated when the first rescue crews reached them. The boat, in addition to being overloaded, likely encountered rough weather, Deleveaux said.

“It was obviously just grossly overloaded, unbalanced, unseaworthy,” Somma said. “An incredibly dangerous voyage.”

The capsizing of overloaded vessels occurs with disturbing frequency  in the area, most recently in mid-October when four Haitian women died  off Miami. There have also been fatal incidents near the Turks and Caicos Islands, between Haiti and the Bahamas, and in the rough Mona Passage that divides the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“Unfortunately we see these types of tragedies occur on a monthly basis,” Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Ryan Doss said. “Every year we see hundreds of migrants needlessly lose their lives at sea taking part in these dangerous and illegal voyages.”

It’s common enough that the Coast Guard recently developed a public service announcement that will run on TV and radio in Florida, Haiti, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic urging people not to risk the deadly ocean voyages.

This latest incident occurred late Monday near Harvey Cays, about 80 miles southeast of New Providence, the island that includes the capital of Nassau, and 260 miles southeast of Miami.

Fishermen spotted the dangerously overloaded sailboat and alerted the Bahamas military, which asked the Coast Guard for assistance in locating the vessel, Somma said. By the time it was spotted, the 40-foot boat had run aground in an area dotted with tiny outcroppings and reefs and then capsized.

Photos taken by the Coast Guard showed people clinging to every available space on the overturned vessel. Some were taken to a clinic on nearby Staniel Cay for treatment for dehydration.

By late Tuesday afternoon, the Coast Guard and Bahamian authorities had rescued about 110 people, including 19 women. Deleveaux said there were no children on board. Smugglers will often seek to blend in with the migrants when they are captured and authorities did not announce any arrests.

Migrants have long traversed the Bahamian archipelago to reach the United States. Thousands have also settled in the Bahamas in recent years. Deleveaux said those rescued from the boat near Harvey Cays would be taken to a military base on New Providence, processed and then repatriated to Haiti.

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Haitian migrant boat capsizes, dozens feared dead | Al Jazeera America.


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The BrownWatch: News for People of Color. – BrownWatch News – “niggers love everything but themselves” – Dolphins players felt Incognito was an “honorary black man”

From [HERE] Non-white Miami Dolphins players don’t get it. Their support of suspended guard Richie Incognito – even after he called Black linemate Jonathan Martin nigger in a threatening voice mail is among many troubling aspects of the so-called bullying controversy that has engulfed the NFL franchise. [MORE]

Desmond Howard appeared on SportsCenter on Friday and was asked to weigh in on the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin saga in Miami. When Howard discussed the idea that some players felt Incognito was an “honorary black man” the Heisman Trophy winner asked, “what level of coonery is going on the Miami Dolphins’ locker room?

“It comes from a perspective of ignorance,” Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow told USA TODAY Sports. “They lack an understanding of history, of how they got the chance to get to where they are. Whether it’s an African American or any other person using that word, it’s not a good thing.” Another Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp, took the characterization further. “Honorary brother, my ass,” Sapp said. “Yeah, and an ‘honorary white guy’ (who is black) walking around in some places in Mississippi still has to be gone by sundown.”

These Dolphins players who don’t mind a little racism and think that aracist suspect is their brother are just confused victims of white supremacy.

According to Dr. BlyndSelf-hatred is the “absence of knowledge of Self. 2) a projected walking corpse that appears as one’s rejected sense of self, cultural and ancestral heritage –  acting as a mirror and constatnt reminder of what one despises in his or her own colonized mind. Self-hatred is a feeling that should be dead – though un-tombed as an apparition – still haunts both our imagined selves as well as the imagined selves of “others.” Self hatred is a mental disease – a falsification of cultural consciousness. Whomever loves his disease must be cured of love to be cured. (See: Black on Black crime, & Narcissistic Projection). [MORE]

In photo, racist suspects, Richie Incognito and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross after a win over the Falcons. 

Don’t help racists. Neely Fuller explains to never help a person who you think may be a white supremacist/racist to do anything that is likely to give greater support to White Supremacy. [MORE] This of course includes indirectly going along with racist suspects with smiles, laughter, nods and pretending to not see what is going on in front of your eyes. 

Jonestown Syndrome. According to Dr. Welsing, this condition exists when nonwhite victims of white supremacy—having very, very low levels of self respect—follow a white person anywhere he suggests (in the name of ______), even to death and destruction.” [MORE]

The media has described Martin as bi-racial. Incognito called him a “half nigger.” [MORE] In reality, there is no such thing as “bi-racial” in a white supremacy system. In such a system, all non-whites are niggers. Of course,if white supremacy did not exist there would be no niggers. “Nigger” is what is being done to you. Here is more from Anon who provides the Definition of “Nigger” in a White Supremacy System:

1. “Nigger” is NOT a racial identity.

2. ALL non-white people are niggers  –  by default – in a system of white supremacy.

3.”Nigger” is NOT a personality defect.

4.”Nigger” is a political term that defines a social, economic, and political REALITY.

5. A nigger cannot decide who is a nigger and who is not.

6. All black people are niggers but all niggers are not black people.

7. All non-white people are niggers (in a system of white supremacy).

8. There is no place on earth called “Nigger Land,” therefore niggers are NOT born (niggers), they are CREATED.

9. White people cannot be niggers in a system of white supremacy.

10. There is NO racial slur for whites that is the social, economic, or political equivalent of “nigger” in a white supremacist system.

11. There is no such thing as “acting like a nigger.”

12. Being a nigger has nothing to do with being ignorant, backward, country, poor, or uneducated. Those qualities are found in every ethnic group.

13. No amount of education, professional achievements, or fancy table manners will transform a nigger into a white person in a system of white supremacy.

14. Nigger is not a lifestyle or behavior, it’s a condition. Accusing someone of acting like a “nigger” is like saying, “Stop acting poor!” If you’re poor, you act poor. In other words, your behavior reflects your conditions NOT your race.

15. If we eliminated poverty and white supremacy, there would be no poor folks or niggers.

16. “Nigger” should never be a term of endearment. This is like greeting a friend who just lost his job by saying, “How you doing, you ‘out of work person’?”

17. In the absence of white supremacy, niggers would not exist.

18.  In the absence of white supremacy, there would be no need for niggers.

19.  A moral and just society is “nigger-proof.” (because there would be no need to invent niggers).

Once we understand what a “nigger” is, we will understand that a made-up word DOES NOT DEFINE WHO WE ARE; it defines WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US.

Once we understand what the word “nigger” means, we will stop being afraid of a word we did not create. Once we understand that “nigger” does not define (or limit) our humanity, we will stop being ashamed of a word that says more about the creator than it does about us. Then, we will have the time and energy to turn our collective focus to eliminating the conditions that have created “niggers” all over the world. [MORE]

The BrownWatch: News for People of Color. – BrownWatch News – “niggers love everything but themselves” – Dolphins players felt Incognito was an “honorary black man”.


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Race Discrimination Woes Continue at Pepsi

Fort Lauderdale attorney Jonathan Pollard of Pollard LLC

Fort Lauderdale attorney Jonathan Pollard of Pollard LLC


In January 2012, Pepsi Beverage Company entered a $3.1 million settlement with the EEOC to resolve charges of hiring discrimination against African Americans.  But Pepsi continues to have problems with discrimination.  In a strange case out of Miami, Pepsi (also known as Bottling Group LLC) is being sued for racial discrimination by a former employee in its Doral, Florida warehouse.  Here’s the twist: The case involves alleged minority-on-minority discrimination.  According to the complaint, the Doral warehouse operated as a “Hispanic good old boys club.”  The vast majority of warehouse employees and management are Hispanic. Apparently, the handful of black “loaders” working on the warehouse floor were routinely subject to differential treatment, different standards and different forms of discipline than their Hispanic counterparts.

This specific case involves a particularly strange set of facts. The plaintiff, an African American named LC Jackson, was apparently fired for threatening to (or attempting to) run over a Hispanic employee with a forklift. He continued on at the warehouse for several days after the alleged violent incident before being terminated by his Hispanic supervisor for violating the company’s workplace violence policy.  Jackson filed a complaint with the EEOC, alleging that he had been treated differently than Hispanic employees and that his firing was racially motivated.  Subsequently, Pepsi ordered Jackson (who they had already fired) to attend anger management counseling.  Jackson apparently went to counseling several times (as ordered by Pepsi) only to be told that he had no anger problem.  Pepsi then informed Jackson that he was not really terminated.  Instead, that he had been placed on leave.

The case is LC Jackson v. Bottling Group, LLC, 12-cv-23490 (SDFL September 25, 2012).  Jackson is represented by Fort Lauderdale-based employment and antitrust lawyer Jonathan Pollard.

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