Greek neo-Nazis see rise in voter support | GlobalPost


Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn has seen a jump in its approval rating despite the indictment of several of its members following the murder of an anti-fascist rapper, a poll showed Sunday.

In the survey by Metron Analysis for the Ethnos daily, 6.7 percent of respondents said they would vote for Golden Dawn were elections to be held.

After taking into account the 32.5 percent of respondents whose vote intentions are currently unclear, Metron Analysis said Golden Dawn would probably pick up 10 percent of the vote.

Golden Dawn’s support took a dive after leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas was fatally stabbed by a neo-Nazi supporter in September.

But then the fatal shooting of two Golden Dawn members outside a party office earlier this month, an act claimed by leftist extremists, appears to have increased sympathy for the group.

So far, six of the party’s 18 elected members of parliament have been charged with belonging to a criminal organisation. Three are in pre-trial detention including party leader Nikos Michaloliakos, who is charged with running a criminal organisation.

Court documents have linked the party to two murders — including that of Fyssas — as well as three attempted murders and numerous assaults.

In past surveys by Metron Analysis, Golden Dawn’s voter support had reached a high of 13.1 percent in July but then dropped to 7.6 percent in October, following the murder of Fyssas.

The findings are consistent with those of other survey companies, in which Golden Dawn has held onto an approval rating of around 7.0 percent, making it the third most popular party in spite of Fyssas’a murder and subsequent judicial crackdown.

Three more Golden Dawn lawmakers are to appear before magistrates on Monday to face criminal charges.

Golden Dawn won nearly seven percent of the vote in last year’s elections, capitalising on anti-austerity anger and long-running fatigue with unchecked immigration.

Greek neo-Nazis see rise in voter support | GlobalPost.


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white teen accused of racial slur, advocating killing black babies – Local – Gaston Gazette


(Photo by John Clark/The Gazette) Paint covers racial slurs left at Hunter Huss High School.

Published: Monday, November 11, 2013 at 17:14 PM.

A former Hunter Huss student has been charged with defacing the high school. According to police, the teen spray-painted racial slurs on the ticket booth. Jesse Lee Funderburk, 17, of 4305 Linwood Road, Gastonia, was charged with injury to real property.

According to arrest records, a malicious racial phrase, suggesting killing all black babies, was spray painted in large white letters on the high school’s ticket booth at the football field. Police say a witness saw Funderburk leaving the school.

The witness called police and reported the tag number of the car. Gastonia Police later located Funderburk. According to arrest records, Funderburk admitted to spray painting the ticket booth.

Funderburk is a former student who left Hunter Huss last year, said Hunter Huss Principal Torben Ross said. “I’m just thankful the police did catch him and he was arrested,” Ross said.

The slurs were covered Sunday night, Ross said. School officials hope to have the spray paint gone completely by Tuesday.

Funderburk was released on a $2,500 secured bond Sunday after around two hours in custody.

You can reach reporter Lauren Baheri at 704-869-1842 or

Teen accused of racial slur, advocating killing black babies – Local – Gaston Gazette.


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Mom Lets Son Wear KKK Halloween Costume, Says It’s A Family Tradition


A Virginia mother let her 7-year-old son wear a Ku Klux Klan costume this Halloween because, she insisted, it’s a family tradition.

Jessica Black of Craigsville, Va., let her son, Jackson, dress as a Klansman with a floor-length white robe and full-faced white hood, according to local ABC affiliate WHSV. The outfit garnered media attention after a photo of the boy dressed in the KKK regalia was posted to the WHSV Facebook page. When Black was confronted by the news network, she defended her decision.

“My brother has [worn it] when he was in Kindergarten and when he was 13,” Black said. She went on to claim there is nothing wrong with the costume or with the White Supremacist group, which she says still exists in their Virginia town. “It’s supposed to be white with white, black with black, man with woman and all of that. That’s what the KKK stands for.”

(Story continues below.) 
kkk costume

Jackson Black’s costume. Screen grab courtesy of WHSV.

Facebook users were not happy about the attire.

“A mini kkk costume??? In our area??? Sounds like something we should ALL be concerned about. #noroomforacistsonthisplanet,” one respondent wrote on the WHSV Facebook page. Another defended the child on the station’s “Daybreak” Facebook page, saying he probably thought it was a ghost costume.

Some users were angry that the town was being criticized for the act of one individual, but others criticized these people for missing the larger point.

“The fact of the matter is that this event could have happened anywhere in the US and you all being more outraged that your town has a bad name than the actual issue at hand is extremely disappointing,” wrote one woman. “A few of you have missed the point completely. Just because we are in a new century does not mean that racism is a thing of the past. Racism is alive and well and if you opened your eyes, you’d see it clearly.”

It’s been quite the Halloween season for offensive costumes. First there was actressJulianne’s Hough’s major mistake of going out in blackface to portray “Orange Is the New Black” character Crazy Eyes. Then, two men thought it would be funny to go out as Trayvon Martin (in blackface) and George Zimmerman. And the latest adult to face backlash on Twitter is the young woman who decided to dress up as a Boston bombing victim.

So much for setting a good example for our kids.

Mom Lets Son Wear KKK Halloween Costume, Says It’s A Family Tradition.

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Neo-Nazi organization plans rally in Kansas City on Nov. 9 |

National Socialist Movement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Neo-Nazi organization known for promoting white supremacy plans to hold a rally in Kansas City next month.

The organization, known as the National Socialist Movement, plans to hold a public rally at the Jackson County Courthouse on Saturday, Nov. 9. Other activities are planned for Friday, Nov. 8.

via Neo-Nazi organization plans rally in Kansas City on Nov. 9 |

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The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In on 12/15/12 at Saturday, December 15th 9:00PM Eastern/ 6:00PM Pacific

The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 12/15/12

The Context of White Supremacy hosts the weekly Compensatory Call-In. We encourage non-white listeners to dial in with their codified concepts, new terms, observations, research conclusions, workplace problems or triumphs, and/or suggestions on how best to Replace White Supremacy With Justice immediately. We’ll use these sessions to refine our use of words as weapons to reveal truth, neutralize White people. We’ll review news reports from the past seven days and encourage non-white listeners exchange views constructively. We’ll be abstaining from the 8th area of people activity, but that should leave ample time for other aspects of White Terrorism. It’s been reported that a White man killed more then 20 people in a Connecticut elementary school on Friday morning. As Racism is War, Gus will be devoting little time – ZERO TEARS – to any of the White folks who got shot.

[The C.O.W.S. archives:]

CALL IN NUMBER: 760.569.7676 CODE 564943#


Invest in The COWS –

via The C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-In 12/15/12.

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