CA parents say racist bullying a big problem

Is bullying “out of control” at Carbondale Area High School? That’s what one parent told the Carbondale Area School Board in March.  Now, a second parent has stepped forward to say the problem remains a serious one.

Both parents have complained that the district hasn’t done enough to address the issue (the names of the two women are being withheld by the NEWS, to protect their children). The first parent told the board in March that her biracial daughter was called a racial epithet when she was in the 8th grade and told to “go back to Mexico across the border where you belong.”

The parent stated that the incident was reported to high school principal Joseph Farrell, who handled it satisfactorily, but she said she continues hearing stories from parents as well as their kids about students from mixed marriages being subjected to racism and harassment at the school. “The whole biracial thing is out of control,” she offered.  “Something has to be done because that stuff went out with the 1950s!” Farrell told the board that appropriate disciplinary action was taken in regard to the incident involving this woman’s daughter, and the woman confirmed that.  He said the same is true in all such cases which are reported, insisting that they are handled “very, very aggressively.”

However, at a meeting on Wednesday night, May 16, a second parent addressed the board members and told them that the problem persists.  She stated that even though school officials knew that some girls were planning to attack her daughter, not enough was done to protect her.  Consequently, she related, those girls ended up “jumping” her daughter after school with the intent of “putting her in the hospital or possibly killing her.” Superintendent Dr. Dominick Famularo responded that the district has an anti-bullying policy in place, and he said it is fully enforced whenever an incident is reported.  However, the parent disputed that assertion. “You claim to have a zero-tolerance policy, but it’s not zero tolerance,” she argued, “it’s a ‘Let’s close our eyes to it’ policy.”

She asked to meet with the board members and district officials to discuss the matter in detail, urging them:  “I am pleading with you!” The board called an executive session and met privately with the woman, although no action was taken by the board afterward. Famularo stated that when any student comes home from school and tells his parents about a bullying problem that he or she is experiencing, the parents should take immediate action. “Call the school the next day,” he urged the parents, adding that if the matter isn’t quickly and fully resolved by school administrators, the parents should then call him personally at the district’s administrative office to report the problem.

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parents’ fury forces school to suspend white basketball coach, he called black children “nigger”

Racist? Head coach Jason Popp in the Richmond Heights High School gym on February 3. He has been suspended after allegedly taunting his black students

Racist? Head coach Jason Popp in the Richmond Heights High School gym on February 3. He has been suspended after allegedly taunting his black students

A white Ohio basketball coach has been suspended for the rest of the season after furious parents accused him of using racial slurs against their children.

Richmond Heights High School coach Jason Popp is now undergoing sensitivity training after being suspended without pay for the rest of the season.

The school announced its decision after claims from parents and members of the basketball team that Popp had racially harassed the players and called them nigger.

The school’s varsity basketball team had been undefeated so far this season. But their dream streak turned into a nightmare as the accusations went public.

Players declared they would boycott the rest of the season if Popp did not go.

Schools superintendent Linda Hardwick hesitated for two days over her decision. She has refused to confirm if Popp said what he is accused of saying.

Students claim Popp has not denied what he is accused of. But one parent, Rick Early, said he believed the issue was more about insensitivity than racism.

‘They’ve lost faith in him,’ he told local media. ‘They feel this guy has really broken their spirit.’

The power of words: Popp has been defended by former students - but his basketball team were willing to risk their dream season to see him go

The power of words: Popp has been defended by former students – but his basketball team were willing to risk their dream season to see him go

At a meeting last Wednesday night furious parents took their case to local media, claiming they were sticking to the guns, and either Popp had to go or they would.

Last Thursday Dr Hardwick said the coach would be suspended with pay, replaced by an assistant.

He would continue to teach health classes at the school, she said, and is set to take up coaching again next year after sensitivity training.

Every other teacher in the district is also set to undergo such training.

Despite the outcry, students in Popp’s health class defended their teacher.

And one of his former basketball players told Newsradio WTAM 1100 that he was an ‘old school’ coach who taught by the fundamentals.

The former player, named in reports as Spencer, said he never heard Popp say anything inappropriate.

In fact, he said Popp had often warned the team that they would face racial slurs playing in rural districts – but that they shouldn’t pay attention.

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Detroit High School Protest: Students Suspended After Demanding An Education

High School Protest

They’re high school seniors. They’re about to graduate, but they say they’re not learning because of what’s happening inside of a Detroit school.

Close to 50 seniors walked out of class Thursday morning at the Frederick Douglass Academy.

“We have no teachers and we are not learning anything,” said Davante Billups. “We need more teachers and books.”

“It’s been going on for awhile now. We [are] just finally getting everybody to get together, protest and do something about this,” said Alex Cooper.

The students and parents are concerned about teacher shortages, the reassignment of a principal and a lack of answers from Detroit Public Schools.

“Most of our administration has left. We’re getting new administration, new counselors every day,” Cooper explained.

“I want the kids [that are] under me, I want them to be able to have the education that we were supposed to have that we didn’t get,” Billups remarked.

School board members and parents at the all-boys school say the education of their children is being compromised.

“The math teacher has been absent 68 plus days,” said parent Sharise Smith. “It’s a shame that these young men are at school every single day. They’re showing up and the teachers are not, and the education is lacking greatly in the school. It’s a travesty.”

“The kids will tell you that they are not getting what they are entitled to, and the community needs to stand up, show up, show out and let DPS [know] that this substandard education is not going to be allowed,” she added.

A spokesperson with Detroit Public Schools did not respond to our request for comment.

“They’re pushing smoke up parents’ butts, and the parents better get the hell up and do something different,” Smith said.

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Forced to perform sex acts for food and beaten with a paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’: Horrific life of four children ‘tortured by white adoptive parents’ is revealed

Aubrey and Laura ThomasAubrey and Laura Thomas

Accused: Laura Thomas, 47, left, and Aubrey Thomas, 58, right has been accused of violently beating and sexually abusing their four adopted children.

A couple have been arrested for violently beating their four adopted children and forcing them to perform sex acts in a disturbing catalogue of abuse which police say amounts to torture.

Aubrey Thomas, 58, and his wife Laura, 47, have been accused of forcing the children to throw up and eat their own vomit, beating them with a large paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’ and then making them soak in a bath of ice to reduce swelling from the abuse.

Investigators described the family’s Oklahoma home, where the two girls and two boys now aged between 13 and 15 lived, as a ‘house of horrors’.

The children said they were sexually abused, claiming they were forced to eat gum off Aubrey Thomas’ penis and made to perform oral sex on their adoptive siblings in exchange for food.

The Thomas’ also allegedly forced them to put urine soaked underwear in their mouths if they wet the bed and forced them to eat horse manure for not cleaning a horse pen, reports

The couple is facing a series of child abuse charges.

The couple, who lived in Rogers County, became foster parents in 2001 and took in six children.

In 2003, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services removed two of the children from their home after finding evidence of abuse, Osage County Undersheriff Lou Ann Brown told Tulsa World.

But the couple were able to keep the other four children and moved to Osage County west of Sperry in 2006.

Investigators described the family's Oklahoma home, pictured, where the two girls and two boys now aged between 13 and 15 lived, as a 'house of horrors'

Investigators described the family’s Oklahoma home, pictured, where the two girls and two boys now aged between 13 and 15 lived, as a ‘house of horrors’

In October, the Osage County Sheriff’s Office was called in to investigate after one of the girls, who had been put into a psychiatric facility, revealed the allegations to a counselor, reports the Tulsa World.

Investigators say the home schooled children, who were all found to be malnourished, were coached not to say anything about the alleged abuse.

Osage County sheriff’s investigator Justin Kling’s reports says the girls, particularly, were singled out for ‘heinous abuse’, reports the Tulsa World.

Kling was able to track down a biological daughter of the Thomas’ who had moved away in 2008. She echoed the stories of abuse.

‘It’s probably one of the worst cases that I know of that’s happened around here in a long time,’ Brown told

‘To treat a child like that is beyond my imagination.’

The four children are now in protective custody.

The DHS released a statement to saying: ‘We are rigorously reviewing this case to find any mistakes made by our agency or others during the years of involvement with this family.

‘This is absolutely intolerable. It is our mission to protect children and we will take whatever corrective action is needed to ensure this does not happen in the future.’

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