5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search – YouTube


This is the 3rd episode in our new YouTube series How to Deal with Cops. Flex Your Rights Associate Director Scott Morgan discusses his article “5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide).”

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  1. It’s your constitutional right.
  2. Refusing a search protects you if you end up in court.
  3. Saying “no” can prevent a search altogether.
  4. Searches can waste your time and damage your property.
  5. You never know what they’ll find.


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Before “Black Lives Matter”: A 1959 Speech About Police Brutality | National Geographic – YouTube

In this profound piece of footage filmed for a documentary by Madeline Anderson, civil rights attorney R. Jess Brown addresses a meeting of the NAACP to deplore the killing of Al Garrett, an African-American man, by a New York City police officer in Brooklyn. Garrett had been arrested for carrying an empty beer bottle.

In the police station, the officer shot and fatally wounded the young man. The shooting has parallels to similar events in our own time, especially as the means to capture video footage of the killings has become widespread. This film is now preserved at the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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VIDEO: Cops Abuse [disabled African American male] Paraplegic During Arrest, Hold His Walker Out of Reach as He Begs for Help


A video of a disabled man being tormented by police has surfaced and has caused quite the controversy online as police refuse him his walker.

Battle Creek, MI — A video uploaded to Facebook over the weekend has caused quite the debate online showing Battle Creek police officers apparently abusing a disabled African American man.

The incident happened on Thursday, Dec. 15 as police pulled over a driver for a suspended license. The video shows cops yelling at the man they just pulled over as he lays on the ground immobilized.

The driver is politely telling police that he needs his walker to get up and instead of giving it to him, they yell in his face.
“You dragged me out of the car bro,” says the driver as he lays there helplessly on the ground. “Look what you just did to me.”
“How would you like to get up,” asks one officer.
“I can’t get up without my walker,” responds the driver.

The driver continues to plead with the officers for his walker, but they hold it just out of reach while screaming in his face.
Instead of allowing the man to get up slowly, like he knows how to do, the cops resort to what they know best — force.

The man is yanked from the ground and painfully dragged to the police car as he screams in agony. When they get the man to the car, he attempts to explain to the officers that he must unlock his leg braces in order to get in the cruiser.

Again, they ignore him and apply more force.
Instead of simply listening to the man who is repeatedly telling them that his legs cannot fold unless he unlocks his braces, the officers continue to shove the man into the car. His screams of agony are hard to endure.

According to a press release, Battle Creek police are aware of the video and plan to make an official statement this week. Police noted that the driver’s condition was assessed at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo before being released back to police custody.

Police also noted that the driver had an outstanding arrest warrant, but they did not elaborate on the details of it.

The reason this video caused so much controversy is because people believed the man was faking the fact that he can’t walk. On the surface, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that this man is acting and trying to milk the situation since people were filming. However, that conclusion would be wrong.

According to several people who know the driver, he is indeed paralyzed. But the controversy arises when people ask how a paraplegic can get around with a walker. And the answer is, in fact, simple — lots of paraplegics get around with a walker using leg braces.

The reason police couldn’t get the driver in the car was due to the fact that his legs were locked straight so he can use his walker. Studies have shown for decades that paralyzed individuals, using leg braces, can, in fact, walk long distances, short distances, and can even climb stairs.

Now that we know all the facts of this incident, the behavior of the officers is dramatically different than what many initially perceive.

Instead of assisting a non-complying man into a police cruiser, as will be the likely statement from the department, these officers, whether they knew it or not, tormented a man by keeping his walker just out of reach and then abused and humiliated him by dragging him and forcing him into the cruiser. All the while, they completely ignore everything the man was saying that would have prevented the entire ordeal.


Source: VIDEO: Cops Abuse Paraplegic During Arrest, Hold His Walker Out of Reach as He Begs for Help

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Detroit Pastors Warn Blacks To Avoid Suburb Of Eastpointe | Black America Web

The warning comes after a Black man sues the Eastpointe, Michigan police of severely beating him.

A black Michigan man has filed suit against local police after they tied him to a chair and beat him so severely that he permanently lost his vision in one eye. According to reports, Frankie Taylor was arrested on a DUI charge in August of 2015. He was being processed by officers in the Eastepointe Police Department outside of Detroit when he was restrained in a chair by several officers, and struck repeatedly as he cried out in pain before eventually falling unconscious.

Luckily for Taylor, camera’s caught the entire brutal incident on video. He told reporters, “The guy hit me so many times, it made me cry once I seen the tape I was knocked out.” In the clip, one officer yells “stop resisting” and “If you keep acting like a child, you’re going to get strapped in that chair and you’re going to stay there” as he continued to hit Taylor profusely.

Reports say that Taylor was not given medical attention following the beating, and was instead booked into the county jail. He was eventually admitted to a hospital, where he underwent surgery for injuries to his eye. Jim Rasor, the victim’s attorney, claims Taylor is now suffering from permanent vision loss in one eye ans partial vision loss in the other eye. He is suing the Eastpointe police, as well as the officers involved in the arrest.

Source: Detroit Pastors Warn Blacks To Avoid Suburb Of Eastpointe | Black America Web

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Cops Strap Man To Chair And Beat Him Unconscious And Blind (VIDEO) – YouTube


Published on Dec 7, 2016
Another case of police brutality has been caught on film.

“A black resident of Eastpointe, Michigan has filed suit against local police after they tied him to a chair and beat him so severely that he permanently lost the vision in one eye.

Detroit’s Fox 2 News said that Frankie Taylor was arrested for driving under the influence on Aug. 10, 2015, but what happened when he arrived at the station was like something from a nightmare — and cameras caught it all.

“If you keep acting like a child, you’re going to get strapped in that chair and you’re going to stay there,” an officer can be heard on tape telling Taylor.

The station’s surveillance cameras caught officers carrying Taylor to a chair and restraining him, then threatening to tase him. Another officer entered the frame, donned a pair of gloves and began to beat Taylor savagely until he lost consciousness.

“Stop resisting,” the officer robotically repeated between blows to Taylor’s face and head. “Stop resisting. Stop resisting.””*

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