Communities Enraged After Black Boy Sexually Assaulted During Stop-and-Frisk Communities Outraged by 16 year-old Boy Injured by Police Announce Emergency Town for This Tuesday, January 21st at 7:30pm, at Catalyst for Change Ministries, 3727 Baring St. (Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

Communities Outraged by 16 year-old Boy Injured by Police Announce Emergency Town Hall for This Tuesday, January 21st at 7:30pm, at Catalyst for Change Ministries, 3727 Baring St. (Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)


1.15.14: Philadelphia – (Crime/Politics): An emergency town hall meeting allowing communities to address the case of a 16 year-old Philadelphia boy who had to have emergency surgery on his genitals after being stopped-and-frisked by a group of white police officers has been announced for Tuesday, January 21st at 7:30pm at Catalyst for Change Ministries, 3727 Baring St.

Convened by Techbook Online, a Philly-based news organization currently running a campaign to improve media coverage and public perceptions of African-American men and boys, the evening gathering sparked from outrage is intended to address the growing pattern of police misconduct, racial profiling and brutality by the hands of law enforcement officers in the nation’s fifth largest city and beyond.

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“We need to pay close attention to what is happening with our kids when they are interacting with police,” warns Reverend Damon Jones, Pastor, Bible Way Baptist Church. A former chaplain at the only secure youth detention facility in Philadelphia, Jones, who said he had a conversation with Darrin Manning soon after the controversial encounter took place at Broad & Girard, says he has experience in identifying troubled youth, and Manning isn’t one of them; adding the star basketball player is a straight A student who went to school the day after the surgery to complete a test, because “that’s what straight-A students do.”


On one of the coldest days on record in the city of brotherly love, Manning, his coach and teammates – with their faces covered with scarves – exited the Girard Ave subway station attempting to go to the Berean Institute at 19th & Girard for basketball practice.  Veronica Joyner, Principal/Founder, Mathematics, Civics and Charter School – and the woman who admittedly gave the young men the scarves to keep warm – notes that the team Manning and the boys play for ranks 16th in the nation, “the only team with that high of a rank without a gym,” she points out; adding the “students are forced to take a train, a trolley and walk several blocks to practice.”

Joyner says within 15 minutes of sending the boys out into the cold, bundled up, she received a call that one of her students was being arrested. Police said they felt justified to stop them because their faces were covered.

Joyner confirmed that all the officers involved were white. She feels strongly that “he was sexually abused and sexually assaulted.”  Doctors are paying close attention to Manning, a budding law student, as this injury may leave him unable to bear children.  Barely able to speak the graphic details, Joyner informs the public that Manning had to have the vein that enables sperm to travel to the penis reconstructed.

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

“She squeezed it so hard he heard something pop,” recounts Joyner, who endorses Jones’ description of Manning, stating:  “He’s an honor roll student, excellent behavior, no discipline problems; just a great kid.”

Despite being the one to who ended up in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Manning is facing charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Activist Asa Khalif, Founder, Racial Unity USA, is a black father heartbroken by this story. A confirmed speaker for next week’s town hall, Khalif is giving strong thoughts to moving out of the country in order to raise his son. Talking exclusively to Techbook Online, Khalif remarks that he has a disdain for white privilege, adding: “I resent white privilege when it concerns their children, because they don’t have to have this talk about police with their sons. We have gotten to the point in society now where we as black men have to put our difference aside and start stepping up to protect our families. The hatred toward us – to our children – is so great that it out weights our differences.”

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

Jones, who notes this is typical of what happens to African-Americans when they have conflict with police, says he would like to “see this kid exonerated and at the very least, a reprimand for these officers; at the most, some kind of charges filed.”

Speaking truth to power, Joyner firmly states: “animals have laws to protect them, but our black boys have nothing to protect them!”




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Communities Enraged After Black Boy Sexually Assaulted During Stop-and-Frisk.

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Yurugu Accused Of Drugging 12-Year-Daughter So He Could Savagely Rape Her Friend | Cynical Afrikan


This luciferian peckerwood from Lebanon, father of three is accused of drugging one of his children in order to savagely rape her young friend, according to court documents.

Robert Chesters, 42, was arrested after having a perverted relationship with a 12-year-old girl during a period of a few weeks, according to court documents.

The whitemarish relationship between the girl and Chesters started after she had a sleep-over with his daughter at his home in August.

The arrest warrant reveals texts found on the girl’s phone suggests Chesters was giving his own daughter Benadryl to get her to sleep, so he could be alone with her friend.

“I am so lost without you :-( [blank] is gone next weekend And [blank] will have Benadryl so you can lay with me comfortably and love me,” according to a text from Chesters to the girl on Sept. 8.

The young girl’s friends saw the sexually perverted texts on her phone and told authorities in the middle school, who then called law enforcement.

According to the arrest warrant, a text on Aug. 31 from Chesters stated “when we made love last night your heart really showed through everything.”

The diabolical pedophile was arraigned at New London Superior Court on Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty to first-degree sexual assault charges and risk of injury to a minor.

Court papers reveal the demonic beast apparently knew the relationship wouldn’t last and he even texted her at just 7 a.m. on the day cops were closing in on him.

“As a last resort tell them [blank] will lose her dad for ten years if they say anything. No matter what happens I LOVE YOU.”

When cops went to arrest him on Sept. 11, Chesters was found sitting in his pickup, unresponsive and a suicide note on the floor. He was taken to the area hospital and then to prison until his next court appearance Nov. 21.

Yurugu Accused Of Drugging 12-Year-Daughter So He Could Savagely Rape Her Friend | Cynical Afrikan.


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White Cheerleading Coach Accused Of Raping High School Student | Cynical Afrikan

Nicole Kurowski

This ugly “white” cheerleading coach and gym teacher at a Pennsylvania high school is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Nicole Kurowski turned herself in to law enforcement Wednesday and was charged with institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors for carrying on a 10-month sexual relationship with a student at Tulpehocken High School, where she taught for two years.

According to state law enforcers, the 27-year-old “white” teacher had sexual contact with the male victim numerous times both during and after school hours — and on and off school property — in the 2012 – 2013 academic year. Investigators said they recovered thousands of sexually explicit text messages and images sent between Kurowski and her victim, according to reports.

The whorish teacher and student also exchanged messages stating “I love you,” state troopers said.

Local media reports that school officials promptly forwarded the allegations to state law enforcement in early September, after receiving an email tip from a source they would not identify.

“I got the tip and I immediately got on the phone with the school board president and our solicitor,” Dr. Edward J. Albert, Tulpehocken School District superintendent, told the newspaper. “I take this matter very seriously.”

“I was so shocked. I cannot believe that something like this would be so close in my backyard. I have kids that go to the Tulpehocken School District and I never thought it would happen here,” Bern Township parent Isabel Kampe said.

Kurowski was released on bail. She was initially put on leave with pay pending the outcome of the case, but has now been suspended without pay.

White Cheerleading Coach Accused Of Raping High School Student | Cynical Afrikan.


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white male jailed for bestiality probation violation

Support House Bill 289, making bestiality illegal in Ohio. The bill has not passed. Please contact your elected officials.

Support House Bill 289, making bestiality illegal in Ohio. The bill has not passed. Please contact your elected officials.

Peter Bower, 32 of Shelby, Ohio remains in the Crawford County Jail without bond after authorities arrested him on Friday for violating probation when a woman called the Shelby Police Department about an online advertisement Bower placed offering dog sitting services. Bower was convicted of animal cruelty last year for having sexual relations with his dog. There are no bestiality laws in Ohio.

Shelby Police Chief Charlie Roub obtained a search warrant for Bower’s apartment where Bower was arrested without incident.

Bower had posted an online advertisement at offering dog sitting services under “At a Glance” section stating:

“I love animals, especially dogs and horses. I recently lost my two German Shepherds of six years, and miss their presence and daily routine greatly…”

<a href=";tt=pet%20rescue;plc=national;chn=pets;subc=pet%20rescue;sect=pet%20rescue;nid=48428386;top=pets;top=pet%20rescue;top=animal%20cruelty;top=bestiality%20law%20introduced%20in%20ohio;top=peter%20bower;top=shelby;top=ohio%20animal%20cruelty;ed=national;uid=1175011;etid=25445;pgtp=article;tile=3;pos=3;sz=300×250;kw=;ord=252283333?” target=”_blank”>Last year Bower was sentenced to 80 days of community service, two-years of probation, ordered to attend sexual addiction classes, and prohibited from owning an animal as part of his punishment for having had sexual relations with dogs. His last dog Aurora, a three-year-old Shepherd mix who Bower had adopted from the Richland County Humane Society had been sexually abused. Bower had also been a volunteer at the rescue.

When authorities investigated Bower’s apartment they confiscated bestiality books, plastic signs stating “Pets Welcome,” and a blow-up sheep. Photographs of dogs and horses had also been posted by Bower on various bestiality websites.

According to the Mansfield News, Richland’s County Dog Warden, Dave Jordan was not surprised at Bower’s arrest stating this kind of action is likely repeated by offenders.

Ann Church, Senior Director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Government Relations worked with humane advocates and the State of Florida to unanimously pass a law against bestiality last year. Church states there is a serious correlation between animal sexual abuse and violent crimes. If you live in Ohio, contact your elected representative to pass House Bill 289 making bestiality illegal in Ohio. Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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Romulus and Remus

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