even in death our children are mocked

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Please read this article in completion brothas and sistas, so You can See for Yourself how Trayvon Martin is being ridiculed, mocked and made fun of even though he was murdered in cold blood, even though he was innocent, even though he was not guilty of any crime….interesting indeed that even in death Our children are still being tormented, insulted and tainted. For those of you who do not live in the West, this is Your Wake Up Call. FYI: This is Not the “land of milk and honey” and Black people here do not live in “paradise”.

We struggle to protect the lives of Our families and children just as much as other Afrikan people in various parts of the world do. The fact remains that Being a young Black child anywhere in the world means that you will have to be protected, nurtured and loved by your family, your extended family & your community, because this is not a job that Black parents should ever have to do by themselves. Our children are under consistent and unrelenting attack, and the sooner we realize that we must create a protective circle of sincere, loving and concerned family & community members around them, the better off ALL our lives will BE. Until then….please Ensure that Our children are Safe in the hands of All those who you entrust to care for them.


Following in the footsteps of other ridiculous pose trends like planking and owling, this has to be the most disturbing and disrespectful of them all, it’s called Trayvoning.

No matter what side of the fence people stand on regarding George Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, we thought there was one thing that was understood across the board: His death was a tragedy. That obviously isn’t the case now that a new trend is popping up on Facebook and the web mocking the 17-year-old’s murder.

Pics are popping up all over the Internet of teens—all white from what we’ve seen so far—laying on the ground in hoodies as though they’re dead with a can of iced tea in one hand and a bag of skittles in the other, mocking the items the slain teenager purchased from a corner store just minutes before he was shot and killed.

What’s even more disturbing is there are Trayvoning Facebook pages where these individuals are posting their pictures and asking people to share and like the page to boost its popularity. So far, there are only 24 likes on one and 67 on the other, but that’s still 91 too many.

 On one page it’s clear from the comments that the participants think this is a fun and cool thing to do, the other seems to have a backward goal of raising awareness which really isn’t warranted at this point and definitely can’t be achieved in this way. It’s hard to think of anyone’s murder—black or white—that has ever been mocked in such a disrespectful way and this act is just further proof that it’s impossible for America to see a black boy as a victim. This is just as bad as the Trayvon Martin gun target selling out in just two days!

Social media sort of changes the sensitivity rules in some ways but we’re still talking about a death and we highly doubt any of these people were rallying in their cities or pushing for charges to be brought against Zimmerman. They’re trying to make a joke out of something tragic and it’s just not funny. These inappropriate Facebook pages have been reported. We can’t stop these fools from posing and taking pictures but we can stop it from spreading on social media.

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UJAMAA SHULE: oldest independent Afrikan school in the United States

UJAMAA SHULE(SCHOOL) is an independent private school, pre-school through high school emphasizing Academic Excellence and Character Development.  UJAMAA SHULE believes in Pan-Afrikanism and Nationalism, and in the teachings and doctrines of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Kwamé Nkrumah.

CONGRATULATIONS to our top 3 performing 2012 graduates for their meritorious academic achievements. We are especially proud of their impressive SAT scores of 1600-1900. Our ancestors are elated, as are we.

Top 3 Seniors:

 Sijui Kama Bartrum

 Chinwe Egwim

Camara Johnson

 Let us build a better tomorrow for your child today because:

  • A large percentage of Afrikan children attending public schools finish high school unable to read, write or compute adequately.

  • A large percentage of Afrikan children finish school with no positive concept of themselves.

  • A large percentage of Afrikan children finish school with no sense of productive values. 

  • A large percentage of Afrikan children finish school without the encouragement to further develop to their fullest potential.

UJAMAA SHULE was founded to provide an educational institution that would ensure Afrikan children the development of a strong positive self-image, a sense of values, and the achievement of academic excellence.  UJAMAA’s program provides for positive approaches to meeting life’s challenges. It is our purpose to continue to develop the total being, to help each child reach his or her ultimate goals and develop to their highest potential.

UJAMAA SHULE is the oldest independent Afrikan school in the United States. Together, we can provide a strong foundation for your child’s future.

Our program includes:

• Afrikan Culture and History
•Advanced Mathematics & Science
•Afrikan Drum & Dance
•Martial Arts
•Manhood & Womanhood Training Workshops
•Annual Science Fair
•Small Class Size
•Family Oriented Environment

We build character, independence, and encourage positive approaches to meeting life’s challenges. Our goal is to facilitate the highest potential within each child.

When you recognize your child’s capabilities, their academic success has no limit. Because we teach children as early as 2, your child can be reading and writing by
age 4.




44TH Anniversary Guest Speaker:  Dr. Umar A. Johnson

Nationally Certified School Psychologist



The basic concept of UJAMAA (Co-Operative Economics and Family Hood) originally evolved out a critical need to seriously analyze the then existing educational program (of mis-educating) within the D.C. Public School System.  In a very realistic and positive fashion, there was a need to establish and Independent Afrikan Institution, which would, in fact, address the needs and aspirations of young Afrikan children suffering within the confines of a decaying urban environment.  The kind of education that was being taught in the public schools was of such a poor quality that it, in effect, perpetuated a crippling system of mis-education and failure for our children: therefore, it became absolutely necessary to pursue a definite course of action that would, in actuality introduce a program that placed specific emphasis on the cultural as well as the academic aspects of Afrikan education.

The schools, in effect, were committing educational and cultural genocide against the youth of our communities.  Understanding that we as black people here in America are all essentially of Afrikan descent, Ujamaa introduced many facets of Afrikan culture that were actually put into practice this we feel is a valid and wholesome approach to properly educate and hopefully reshape the minds of our young Afrikan children.

1554 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 232-2997     
Fax: (202) 234-3866

  Our Afrikan Ujamaa dancers and drummers are available for performances.  

Please contact Dr. El Senzengakulu Zulu for information.

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